Free Android Apps For Kids

Free educational apps for kids

An overnight change occurred last year in the education mechanism which inclined towards online studies. Due to sudden modifications in the system, it requires tremendous developments in the same but due to certain loopholes in the procedure, it resulted in a severe impact on the education sector in the country. On the other hand, every educational institution commenced the changes and strengthen the quality via different modes.

It’s almost a year, your kid didn’t pay the required attention to its academics and schools are still closed for this summer. What’s better than to utilize your kid’s time in a valuable resource such as to learn certain new things that would help them in their career. The best part to utilize the time is to engage your kid in learning and exploring different free android apps. The ultimate result for this educational activity would be twofold manner as that, firstly it develops your kid’s interest, and secondly, to explore different basics that provide aid in securing their career.

Free Learning Apps For Students.

 With the advent of COVID -19, an ample number of learning apps introduced in the last that not only exvote kids to use but also made intending to make them learn something productive. It’s often observed that every next junior loves to spend their time ln PBS games or shows but now as a guardian, you can in an optimum way choose the appropriate option for your kid that makes them learning different fundamentals of core subjects such as English or maths.

  • Learn a new language or participate in certain projects out there! Your kid can learn different languages while staying at home with the help of Duolingo. An app that could be performed on any operating system or android or iOS phones and your kid can learn a foreign language and revised it with the help of different activities therein. It offers languages like English, French, Chinese, Japan, Germany, and a lot more than prove to be beneficial for your kid’s overall growth and development.
  • Planning to be an innovator? You have a creative mind then don’t waste it and invest yourself in different projects with young minds at SciStarter. The platform where your kid can participate in different projects according to its age group and level and become a member of citizen scientist family where trillion of researchers, companies, scientists are involved.
  • In this aspect, GoGlobalWays a premium forum where students not only learn but critically apply their minds in courses offered in 3 C’s. An online education institution that helps the parents as well as their children to educate them with the fundamentals of STEM, Pictoblox, scratch, and a lot more. Likewise, certain activities that offered by us for kids from age four to sixteen and make them updated with the core of academics.
  • Keen to know what’s there in national as well as international politics or government then unlock the website named as iCivics regulated by former SC justice Sandra Day. It will enrich your knowledge regarding different aspects of government, democracy, form, elevation, constitutional law, and a lot more. However, it learns from free learning apps, it becomes crucial for every kid and their respective guardian to scrutinize the worth of it. Every free learning app is somewhere engaging your kid to learn while playing but after an extent, it asks for charges for which every parent needs to be cautious.

Educational App Benefits.

With the abrupt shift in the education system due to COVID-19, the operation of mobile phones has been suddenly enriched. The education is now furnished with the help of an educational app to the students so that the studies won’t get early disturbed due to the pandemic issues. And the health of young minds is at the top priority for every nation across the globe.

  • A continuing process remains the same

Indeed, learning is a continuing process and can not be confined to traditional methods. The reflection of such changes seen in the adoption of e-learning mechanisms via different educational apps. Such apps not only provide the platform to continue the learning process nit also substitute the traditional method of learning.

With the help of educational apps, it becomes easier to cope up with pandemic issues and imparting knowledge to students in a fun manner. This educational app creates a healthy atmosphere for the students to learn excitingly and don’t feel monotonous. Such apps help to strengthen the bond and understanding between parent and teacher where a guardian can ask anything about its kid or their development.

  • Transparency in the system

Educational apps such as online study material, ebooks, magazines, newsletter, library app, dictionary, competitive app, etc assist children to browse infinite material for their studies and bifurcated it. Furthermore, such apps facilitate the maintenance of the accounts and data of the students, teachers, and institutions. These apps work as an eye to keep a check on the mechanism of the institution and provide transparency thereof.

The educational app works as a yardstick to provide adequate results and keep a track of the attendance of teachers as well as students. Not only this, it enriches the knowledge of technology in students as well as professionals.

Free Educational Games And books apps for Kids.

Free educational apps for kids

Does your kid spend their spare time in games or phones? If yes, then make it a valuable one with the help of free educational games that enable them to learn such as logical thinking, problem-solving, intellectual games, and a lot more. These games allow your kid to refine their knowledge and make them more creative and innovative.

  • If you have a kid of two to three years and you want it to learn sound recognition, A B C tracing then ABC letter tracing app or ABC magic phonics helps your kid. The app provides thorough learning of letters in upper and lowercase pictures and their respective sounds.
  • Moreover, if your child loves to see graphics, illustrations, drawings, then SinoApps would be the best app where your kid learns to read and interact with happiness and joy. Such an app would develop and enrich the fluency and communication skills of your kid.
  • GoGlobalWays, another platform where your kid learns certain fundamentals of STEAM in a unique and distinct approach to teaching. As an education initiative taken by GoGlobalWays, we create a holistic and interactive atmosphere in our online courses via three C’s that helps your kid to think logically, critically, and act innovatively.
  • In a list of free educational book apps, the name of Khan Academy can’t be forgotten that offer different methods for play school kids to learn the sound of ABC and trace alphabets, numbers, and their identities. Every child loves to know about non-fiction stories and unitforliteracy is one among them that delivers hundreds of stories that has a core of plants, animals, etc. This would enrich the sense of creativity and imagination in the stimulation of your kids and boost the cognitive development of the child.

However, these free educational books, games apps have proven to be beneficial in the overall growth of a child and imparting knowledge therewith.

The Best Seven Apps For Toddlers For 2021.

Are you browsing for the best apps that could work in the cognitive, social, and emotional development of your child? For the better growth of your child, it becomes crucial to equip it with the best and trending apps or technology, or gadgets. It not only helps them to learn new things but establishes stairs in the progress of your kid.

Seven apps for toddlers :

  1. Certain best apps could be beneficial for your child such as the Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, one of the best apps in terms of education. The app that more likely a game to your kid but without acknowledging it, your kid learns several things such as counting, alphabets, colors, weeks, shapes, and a lot more. So don’t worry about the cognitive development of your kid and provide the best to your champ.
  2. PBS is like a first love to every child whether it’s a sesame street or push-pull puzzle. These videos and games help the child to understand the core of maths and science concepts in a joyful manner. It assists in the social development of a child.
  3. Busy shapes 2 that could be operated in offline mode too that furnish a path to acquire the understanding of shapes and matching with this, the young mind would easily correlate the shapes they use regularly.
  4. Toca Doctor, a perfect app to start with the core of hygiene and medicinal purpose. If you wish that your child pursue medical line or your child possess an interest in the same then this would be the best app that makes it learn to clean its teeth, how to apply cotton and erase scratches, etc
  5. Another best app for toddlers for 2021 would be the Toca Boca that brings emotional development to your kids and makes them learn to take care of their things like pets, clothes, infirm, and other activities like cooking, hairdressing, and a lot more.
  6. Balloon App, an App for young kids to learn the change difference between size, how it moves, though the game allows the child to alter the size of the balloon and to pop them when it falls. 
  7. A parcel of courage that stimulates the cognitive as well as social development of your kid. It is based on the story cum games enhance the preschool knowledge in your kid such as working memory, listening, eye-handling, etc.