Parenting a child is the process of raising a kid from infant to adult by supporting their physical, emotional, and cognitive development, and raising your child to be a civil citizen of a society shall be a major healthy parenting goal.

Parenting in the 1990s or early 2000s was seen to be done in an authoritative way Parents using this approach expect their children to respect and obey authority as in their parents and adults and comply with their cultural beliefs and values without questions

It is a very practical way of parenting, where the focus is on the long term.

The benefit of kids forcing academic excellence due to the availability of a good career was only based on academics. At the same time, things now have switched to skill-based learning but this was not seen in traditional parenting. Discipline seems too strict and futile kids here are more imposed on restrictions and boundaries tantrums and meltdowns seem to be an option as much as it is good to have children who are disciplined and validated academically every action has its equal and opposite reactions. Still, it has downsides as well this makes the role of the parent the ‘bad guy’ where everything is rigid, inflexible, disciplinarian, and lacking in ease and inability to feel adored. Children growing up in this style learn a fear of authority figures, some become very sensitive and withdrawn and have difficulty socializing. They constantly seek approval and base their behaviour’s on how others react.



Modern parents are somewhat not hugged up on scoring grades and academic excellence it takes a more compassionate approach to understanding and recognizing children’s interests and unique skills so that they can build their special place in the world and fit in modern parenting aims to raise children who are confident self-aware and trust their abilities

Technology is creating new challenges and how to solve it?

Parents today face unique issues they would never have had to think about in the older days. 

1. Dealing with cyber bullying 

Teasing and bullying of children via phones or digital devices is called cyber bullying

It can result in long-lasting emotional effects. As a victim of cyberbullying a child may experience anxiety and image issues as parents it is tough to understand cyberbullying as one wouldn’t have experienced this but The effects of cyberbullying also include mental health issues, increased stress, depression, acting out violently, and low self-esteem. Even physical health is highly affected like inability to sleep and severe eating disorders The stress of bullying also can cause or worsen conditions like upset stomach, abdominal pain, and stomach ulcers. 

Bullying also leads to behavioral issues in children that are typically directed outwards toward others, such as anger, aggression, and conduct problems, including a tendency to engage in risky and impulsive behavior, as well as criminal behavior.

2. Fragmenting age restriction

While being active on the internet the child has access to content available all over the world and can be easily viewed like sexual content or very violent images or videos children are exposed to this content and have not yet matured to a point where they can understand and identify the difference between reality and make-believe, watching harmful content could have a detrimental effect on their psychological development.


With children spending more time typing or tapping on a screen, they’re naturally spending less time outside or engaged in physical activities. It has come into seen that the screens are often associated with sedentary behaviours, such as sitting and lying down. These behaviours can lead to a decrease in physical activity, which is an important factor in the development of obesity

4. Dopamine rush

Screen use releases dopamine in the brain, which can negatively affect impulse control. Many children hook onto games or scroll on media and in fact, gaming releases so much dopamine the “feel-good” chemical that on a brain scan it looks the same as cocaine at some point.

5. Distraction

kids are addicted to their phones and often seem very distracted with the age of social media teenagers waste their time scrolling endlessly on Instagram whereas preteens often watch content on YouTube even parents often do not give their children enough time due to highly busy schedules scene showcases the rampant device addiction parents and kids struggle with today.

As parents, we cannot stop our kids or take away their phones but what we can do is make their time online productive by getting them busier learning new skills of their deemed interest technology can be a boon or bane at these times but as a good parent we shall help our child adjust this generation with the positive and helpful use of technology

Nowadays we see that developing a skill set from an early age will help the child stand out. We can enroll the kids in good online classes within the comfort of their homes and learn skills from teachers around the world.


  • LEARNING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE An online AI course for kids using scratch that allows them to explore the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning in a playful & interactive manner. This course enables kids to objectively understand the complex mechanisms behind voice, image, and optical character recognition through fun activities. It also helps them have a basic understanding of machine learning (ML) and the ethics that should be followed while making your AI and ML projects. This online AI course for kids is a great way to kickstart their journey into the world of AI and ML while teaching them the importance of good moral values. 

    KNOWING HOW TO CODE UNDERSTANDING WHAT IT IS? Introducing coding to children at an early age opens up a world of possibilities. By choosing age-appropriate, interactive, and well-cured courses, you can nurture your child’s interest in coding and provide them with valuable skills for the future. 

  • INVENTING APPS  In this module Kids learn to think, evaluate, code, and redesign the android apps using MIT App Inventor. The online Android app development classes for kids aim to instill their interest in going beyond the looks and understanding the basics of app development. It allows them to code and build projects that have a real impact using the MIT app inventor. GoGlobalWays android app development classes for kids enable them to understand coding and data structures using block coding so that they can employ the power of technology to change the world around them. 
  • Online VR and Metaverse courses for kids foster future problem-solvers adept in new-age technologies. Through real-time projects, children gain a deep understanding of VR and the metaverse, enhancing their creativity. They learn to create 3D spaces, use feedback controllers, and experience sensory feedback. This experiential learning improves critical thinking, computational skills, and independence, preparing them for life’s challenges.
  • ROBOTICS: Online AI, machine learning, and robotics courses for kids help them evolve into future innovators by exploring further than just reading or learning about topics. Learn about simplified robotic concepts, AI and ML robots, stimulating coding concepts, simple robot assistance, and much more. 
  • 3D DESIGN: Learn the basics of virtual electronics by creating designs using code blocks. This online course covers circuit components and current power, making it ideal for kids starting in electronics. TinkerCAD classes promote 3D design through visual programming, allowing young tinkerers to use angles, blocks, and shapes, propelling them toward a bright future in technology. 
  • WEB DEVELOPMENT: Our increasingly connected world makes website building for kids essential for future entrepreneurship. Online HTML and CSS classes for kids teach the basics seamlessly, enabling young tinkerers to start web development and solve problems. Our classes offer a nurturing ecosystem with fun, interactive sessions, a world-class curriculum, and 1:1 tutor support, fostering skills and creativity through hands-on learning.