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Why your Kid Should Learn Coding?

Our Online Courses

Become GoEngineer

For 7+ Age
Introduction to Programming
Learn Fundamentals of Coding, Loops, Text-to-speech component, Sensors, 2D axes, Apply behaviours and attributes, Algorithms
Animations and Game Development
Learn Conditional statements and Repeat Until Loops, Variables, Cartesian Coordinates, Broadcast, Cloning, Graphics
AI and ML for Kids
Practical implications of AI tools like Emotions, Age and Gender detection, Human Body Detection, Computer Vision, OCR and Speech Recognition, Face Filters
Android App Development
Develop, install/live test & publish workable Android Mobile Apps, Accelerometer, Pedometer, Sensors, Built-in blocks, Text-to-me & Speech Recognizer, Simulation
Design Thinking -3D Deisgning
3D designing, Axes, Overlapping and Embedding, Circuit Design Fun with 3D Deisgning
Microcontrollers based Bots
C++ Compiler based programmable language, Real time sensors coding and simulation, Engineering and Circuit Designing, Fundamental of Electricity

Become GoXpertEngineer

For 9+ Age
Animations and Game Development
Learn Conditional statements and Repeat Until Loops, Variables, Cartesian Coordinates, Broadcast, Cloning, Graphics
Advance Game Designing
Learn Advance Sensors, Apply Gravity, Field of Depth, Horizontal & Vertical scrolling, Coordinate Geometry, Logic Gates, Parallax effect
AI and Machine Learning
Practical implications of AI and ML tools like Face & Human Body Detection, Computer Vision, OCR ,Speech Recognition, Debugging and Computational Thinking
Android App Development
Develop,test and publish workable Android Mobile Apps, Accelerometer, Location, Proximity Sensors, Cloud and Local Storage, Speech Recognizer, Simulation
Learn AI with Hardware
Assemble, construct & program in Hardware Robot, Sensors simulation, See STEAM Outcomes in Action, Learn Electronics, AI, Structural & Algorithmic Approach
Dive into the world of Microcontrollers
C++ Compiler based programmable language, Real time sensors coding and simulation, Engineering and Circuit Designing, Fundamental of Electricity
And many more courses to come!

GoGlobalways The Ultimate STEM/STEAM Learning Platform

With STEAM-focused education and a philosophy that guides students to become lifelong learners, We ensure that Students are future proofed, excel, and succeed in their higher education and life outside school .

When Should STEAM Education Start?

We need to inculcate STEAM Education as a way to build a solid foundation. Experts agree that the earlier a child learns about STEAM, the more likely they are to develop a passion for it and pursue a career in the prospering STEAM fields. Even if they end up pursuing non-STEAM careers, it may still help them in terms of being an excellent problem solver and communicator, since application-based techniques can open the doors to success.

STAGES OF LEARNING followed by GoGlobalWays

Our program is planned into bit by bit 3Cs Learning for kids , so that when they arrive at secondary school, they are all around educated, very much aware, and fit for settling on better decisions for a future ahead.

Why Learn Skills Online with GoGlobalWays

GoGlobalWays have pioneered a unique approach to teaching by conducting our online programs LIVE and in small, interactive groups of students.

Our Curriculum

RESEARCH BASED World Class Curriculum Designed by IIT’s ,PhD’s and Academic Experts around the globe

Self-Paced Learning

Read, re-read concepts again, perform activities multiple times, and gain the most out of your online learning experience at your own pace.Period Assessment with regular Quizzes and Assignments.
Best Instructors GoGobalWays

Back-Up Sessions

We have very strong support system for Backup Classes and Doubt Clearing Session to ensure students do not miss out on any 'Concept Class'

Our Focus

With STEAM-focused education and a philosophy that guides students to become lifelong learners and Independent Thinker.

Behind the Screen

We are a bunch of Engineers, Educators, Professionals, Science-lovers, Builders and Makers with more than 20 years of Teaching and corporate Experience.


Each stage of learning has a set of courses, Get certified on completing every course and every Stage to boost up Kids Confidence

Best Instructors

We have BEST Young and Energetic expert STEAM Instructors who bring learning in a fun way and sort all queries of kids.

LIVE & Interactive Sessions

Engage Kid In Team Learning On Coding Skills so that Kids should know the value of Teamwork, Small Class Sizes 1:3 or 1:5 for better understanding.


There are Monthly contests and chances to participate in various national/International competitions.

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What is coding?

Coding is how we communicate with computers (aka "computer coding"), and what we use to build and run websites, apps, video games, and more. Learning to code is like learning how to speak and write in a particular language; a computer’s language.

Why "every" kid should learn to code?

Years ago when all of this kids and code chatter started, you could have characterized it has hype because the whole idea was new and novel to the education system. And, while this “learn to code” popularity spike wasn’t unfounded by any means, time was really the only thing that could tell us if it all was going to be a big fat flash in the pan.

Well, here we are.

My kid is too young, will he/she be able to understand the topics?

GoGlobalWays is  an Online platform and our courses are designed for kids of the age group 7-14. The classes are taken by Certified Early Childhood Coding experts who are trained specially to ensure that the kids understand the topics properly. The Curriculum is designed by IIT, PhD, Academic Experts around the globe, as per Kids Age.

Will coding help my kids to perform better in academics?

Coding improves kids’ concentration by 75%. There is a significant increase in logical and abstract thinking. Also since coding is directly related to mathematics,Engineering  kids who learn to code are more confident in STEAM subjects. 

What are the benefits of teaching coding to kids?

Coders are in high demand

  • Coding provides a competitive advantage
  • Coding knowledge allows students better understand the world
  • Coding is fun and satisfying
  • Coding improves creativity
  • Coding improves problem solving
  • Coding improves persistence
  • Coding improves collaboration
  • Coding improves communication
What are the minimum requirements to take the course?

The classes are conducted online over the internet. The minimum requirement to take the classes are:

  • Desktop/Laptop
  • Webcam (Most laptops have webcams)
  • High-Speed Internet connection
Is the AI online course for beginners?

Yes! The AI online course has been prepared in such a way that kids and beginners of all ages can dive into the world of artificial intelligence and learn AI basics and machine learning basics faster than the Terminator can learn to say hasta la vista, baby.

Why should my child enroll in the AI online course?

Our AI online course will help your child develop important 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity, etc.  and relate to the real-world around better. Moreover, AI, ML, and coding are the skills of the future and will open doors to successful careers. Last, but not least, they are fun to learn!

So what are you waiting for? Sit up straight and learn the skill of the future from home in an interactive and fun way with this special AI online course!

Do you have offline centers too?

As of now the classes are available online only.

Why GoGlobalWays ?

We ensure that the learning experience for the kids is unparalleled and hence, the classes are conducted as live sessions. Different kids have a different pace so Kids to know the value of Teamwork,  we have divided groups into 3-4 students for better understanding.