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About GoGlobal Ways

GoGlobalWays is not just an EduTech venture but a part of existing academic curriculum. The curriculum is meticulously designed for each grade and follows Bloom’s Taxonomy and PBL approach with a complete 4C structure (Connect–Construct–Contemplate–Continue), as recommended by the leading Universities and Educators across the globe. At GoGlobalWays, each child is seen as future’s innovator and is nurtured accordingly.

We provide a primary foundation for learning, exploring, problem-solving, and building an understanding of the world, which enhances the Cognitive skills, promotes healthy development and critical thinking skills, reinforces memory and helps children understand cause and effect.

We use the latest scientific research on how young children learn scientific thinking?

We all know that science education for young children is important. Our world needs people that can think scientifically and the foundation for scientific literacy is built in early childhood. Play is the most effective way to build a young child’s understanding in STEAM.

Learn-by-doing STEAM teacher training

We know that many early educators feel they have not received the necessary training to implement STEAM education and feel they need support. Our model is designed to give teachers all the tools they need. We provide both training and lesson materials that steer to do STEAM education playfully.

Our School Innovation Programs

As part of the program, we provide STEAM and Robotics kits and an expert Instructor who would conduct the program. The outcome of this program has proved to be very effective for imparting a child’s thinking and application to theoretical learning. Our Programs are designed to grow with our students we call it Ladder.

Annual STEAM Ladder© Proprietary curriculum

Grade Wise Programs throughout the year K-9 The learner will be getting the taste and flavor of all the STEAM modules throughout the year. The curriculum includes 32 Sessions with Game designing, App Development, Robots, 3D Design and is blended with all the STEAM outcomes.


Interested in implementing GoGlobalWays Annual STEAM Program in your School/Groups?

Dr. Nidhi Khurana

STEAM education is gaining popularity in schools across the country. Learn why educators are adopting this framework and how students are benefitting.

STEAM empowers teachers to employ project-based learning that crosses all 5 disciplines (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) and fosters an inclusive learning environment where all students are able to engage and contribute.
STEAM is important because it helps teachers incorporate multiple disciplines at the same time and promotes learning experiences that allow children to explore, question, research, discover, and exercise innovative building skills

Kids who participate in STEAM learning: 

  • think outside the box
  • feel safe to express innovative and creative ideas 
  • feel comfortable doing hands-on learning
  • take ownership over their learning
  • work collaboratively with others
  • understand the ways that science, maths, the arts, and technology work together
  • become increasingly curious about the world around them and feel empowered to change it for the better.
No amount of money can buy you knowledge, but it might help you buy time from someone who has it.
STEAM aligns so much with the way children’s minds learn and work from a very early age. The best way to foster a love of STEAM is to encourage curiosity. From a young age encourage kids to question, to explore and to play. Find their passions and help them chase those passions. Even if it changes week to week, this is perfectly normal, especially for younger kids. Encourage it. You will be amazed where your kids can go when they become passionate about learning.

Learning and working on programming languages teach children how to break down complex problems and concepts into simpler manageable byte-sized ones. They also help them visualize abstract ideas. And one of the most practical and non-scholastic benefits is that children understand how to deal with failure and improvement of their work.
Thus coding plays the role of the thread that connects the dots from theoretical science to practical technology. 

You are probably thinking about robots in The Terminators or the little guys that explore the Moon for us, but robotics in STEAM education are so much more kid-friendly and were built to serve educational purposes.

Robots play a crucial role in early STEAM education for kids in both straightforward and subtle ways. First, robotics in STEAM education can provide a multi-sensory and experiential learning experience, which can significantly increase a kid’s capacity for learning, according to various studies. Using robots to teach STEAM can also help children understand how technology can be used to solve real-world problems.

Age appropriate products and services we cater. Products are designed after research by Academicians and Experts.

One of the biggest concerns we hear from people about STEAM education is the lack of resources. Funding for the newest technology, training in how to use the new technology, plus the knowledge of how to use it effectively as a learning tool, are all areas where teachers struggle.

We know that many early educators feel they have not received the necessary training to implement STEAM education and feel they need support. Our model is designed to give teachers all the tools they need. We provide both training and lesson materials that steer to do STEAM education playfully.

Imagination is the only way to think beyond what we already know

How do we do it?

Through this Program its our aim to provide kids with the opportunity to learn about important subjects in a brand new way, expanding on what they are already learning in school. STEAM program will enable the kids with content on different subjects. 

Our School Innovation Programs till GRADE K-9, with  course themes range from Coding for robots, Robotics, Animation, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, 3D printing, game design, Scratch, STEAM, Crafts and many more.

STEAM Lab: Where Students Are Transformed into Innovators

A system of innovation, if taught from an early age, helps students become aware of the applications of what they learn at school, helps develop a problem-solving aptitude, motivates them to focus more on the theoretical aspects of STEAM, and makes them capable to make better career choices. That is exactly what a STEAM lab does: encouraging children to become active learners by getting their hands dirty and helping them develop skills that’ll help them become able leaders, innovators, and problem-solvers.

GoGlobal Ways helps you create and nurture an ecosystem of learning-by-doing with its unique Innovation Program, which involves establishing a STEAM Innovation Lab and providing training over an Innovation Curriculum.

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