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Online advanced Scratch coding for kids

Dive deeper into the world of Scratch

programming in a fun & interactive manner.



Live Sessions



Live Sessions

Course Description

Develop an exceptional understanding of advanced Scratch with this online coding course for kids. Learn the advanced concepts of graphical programming from the safety and comfort of their homes. The online Scratch course for kids is done through live sessions taught by expert educators using a visual programming software called PictoBlox. The online advanced Scratch coding class for kids aims to help them build an exceptional understanding of the advanced concepts of graphical programming. This GoProgamer online coding course for kids is the best way to help them dive deeper into the subject through fun and interactive sessions.

  • Fun & Interactive sessions taught by expert educators 
  • A world-class curriculum designed to develop necessary 21-st century skills
  • Advanced Scratch course that helps kids to code their own programs & games 
  • 13+ application-based projects, including live 1:1 tutor sessions 
  • Covid-19 themed challenge at the end to sensitize kids towards the current situation

Learning Goal

  • Advanced live Scratch coding course for kids that help kids evolve into problem-solvers by doing projects. 

  • Build a better understanding of Scratch and enhance the kid’s focus, directional sense, and creativity.

  • Learn about the cartesian plane, coordinates, variables, planets, the universe, and much more. 

  • Improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills by creating your games & animations with your Sprite

Learn Scratch

Learn Scratch

Learn About Surroundings

online scratch coding for kids

Make your Own Solar System

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Personal Tutoring Sessions

An expert educator dedicated to ensure that the kid learns on a 1:1 basis with a highly personalized approach.
₹ 13999

Grouped Tutoring Sessions

An individual-based approach to teaching by an
expert educator while promoting peer-to-peer interactions.
₹ 8999


Why is programming important for kids?

The benefits of programming includes improving focus, creativity, problem-solving skills, and much more. An advanced Scratch coding course like ours is a tailored course crafted for kids to learn Scratch. GoProgamer online coding course for kids is a great way to kickstart their journey into the advanced Scratch programming with a fun & interactive curriculum.  Last, but not least, learning to program is fun! So what are you waiting for? Sit up straight and learn to code from home in an interactive and fun way with this online programming course!

Will coding help my kids to perform better in academics?

Coding improves the kid’s concentration by 75%. Along with the increase in focus and creativity, there is a significant increase in logical and abstract thinking. Coding helps you kickstart your career and support it even further in life. Whether your kid is aiming to be an engineer, scientist, musician, doctor, or entrepreneur, introduction to programming for kids will empower them for the future.

What are the benefits of teaching coding to kids?

To name a few benefits:

  1. Improve creativity and focus
  2. Provide a competitive advantage 
  3. Allows students to understand the world 
  4. Enhances problem-solving skills and logical interpretation 
  5. Improves collaboration, communication, and project-building 

Teaching kids about game designing with this Scratch online course will help them understand the basic concepts of coding while encouraging them to think about projects that can solve real-world problems. 

Why GoGlobalWays ?

GoGlobalWays takes pride in providing learning experiences that are unparalleled and can be taken from the comfort of your home. This live 1:1 scratch coding class for kids will help kids indulge in the world of coding and Scratch programming in a fun learning ecosystem.

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