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Live Sessions



Live Sessions

Course Description

Introduction to Advanced Scratch Coding with coding games for kids through online classes that help them learn various programming concepts from the safety and comfort of their homes. The programming language taught to the kids will be Scratch using software called PictoBlox. It is a great way to go beyond the introduction to programming and teach them how to create coding games for kids. GoXpertGamer instills curiosity in the young tinkerers, and thus it offers way more than your regular coding courses for kids.

  • Fun & Interactive sessions taught by expert educators
  • A world-class curriculum designed to develop necessary 21-st century skills
  • Advanced Scratch programming online course for kids that helps kids to code their own programs, animations, and games 
  • 16+ projects, including live 1:1 tutor sessions 
  • Covid-19 themed challenge at the end to sensitize kids towards the current situation

Learning Goal

  • Scratch programming course for kids that help kids evolve into problem-solvers by doing projects. 

  • Develop advanced programming skills and enhance the kid’s focus, directional sense, and creativity.

  • Learn about analogy, Sprite, software interface, variables, arithmetic operators, variables, and much more. 

  • Improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills by creating coding games for kids with your Sprite.

Understanding Variables

Game Development

Games in Scratch

Save the Surroundings

Car Racing Game in Scratch

Car Race Game Designing

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Personal Tutoring Sessions

An expert educator dedicated to ensure that the kid learns on a 1:1 basis with a highly personalized approach.
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Grouped Tutoring Sessions

An individual-based approach to teaching by an
expert educator while promoting peer-to-peer interactions.
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Why is programming important for kids?

The benefits of programming includes improving focus, creativity, problem-solving skills, and much more. An advanced Scratch coding course like ours is a tailored course crafted for kids to learn Scratch. GoXpertGamer online coding course for kids is a great way to kickstart their journey into the advanced Scratch programming with a fun & interactive curriculum.  Last, but not least, learning to program is fun! So what are you waiting for? Sit up straight and learn to code from home in an interactive and fun way with this online programming course!

Will coding help my kids to perform better in academics?

Coding improves the kid’s concentration by 75%. Along with the increase in focus and creativity, there is a significant increase in logical and abstract thinking. Coding helps you kickstart your career and support it even further in life. Whether your kid is aiming to be an engineer, scientist, musician, doctor, or entrepreneur, introduction to programming for kids will empower them for the future.

What are the benefits of teaching coding to kids?

To name a few benefits:

  1. Improve creativity and focus
  2. Provide a competitive advantage 
  3. Allows students to understand the world 
  4. Enhances problem-solving skills and logical interpretation 
  5. Improves collaboration, communication, and project-building 

Teaching kids about game designing with this Scratch online course will help them understand the basic concepts of coding while encouraging them to think about projects that can solve real-world problems. 

Why GoGlobalWays ?

GoGlobalWays takes pride in providing learning experiences that are unparalleled and can be taken from the comfort of your home. This live 1:1 scratch coding class for kids will help kids indulge in the world of coding and Scratch programming in a fun learning ecosystem.

Prepare For The Future With The STEAM Experts!

Game Designing Courses For Kids 

Indeed, you read it correctly, the most fascinating part of childhood is games. 

A more interesting aspect of the game is to learn certain things while playing the same. Every guardian eagerly wants their loved ones to learn while playing the game because it’s that duration where every kid enjoys the most. Indeed, no kid prefers to restrict himself from games and enthusiastically engage themselves so sit and think how remarked it could be when your kid unknowingly learns new skills in fun and enjoyment.  

No more a monotonous task 

It is noticeable that programming is identified as one of the monotonous tasks to learn and explore at such an early age but on the other hand, indeed, it is one of the major skills that every young mind needs to understand. Although at such an early age it is not possible to uncover a thorough understanding of programming or coding languages, fundamentals of the same could be learned effectively. GoGlobalWays for this reason commenced a game designing course for kids that helps them to unveil the basics of programming and ingress in the field with enthusiasm to explore more. 

More interestingly, your kid can develop an interactive game with an easy and simple game designing course for kids offered by GoGloabalWays at affordable rates. To enter the gaming app field where your kid can become a full-fledged developer, GoGlobalWays conducts the online game designing course for kids, keeping in mind the safety of your kid utmost. Students at GoGlobalWays explore and experience certain technical tools that are required to develop a game. In-game designing classes for kids, regulated by the top and experienced teachers, your kid would encounter the fundamentals of programming with fun and excitement.

The online game designing course for kids runs under the supervision of skilled faculties at GoGlobalWays and speculates in delivering the game designing classes for kids with the active participation of the students therein. Every young mind is fond of playing games and when it comes to formulating the same, it becomes more fascinating. With the stipulated duration of the game designing course for kids offered by GoGlobalWays, it varies in range and the training period therein. 

What game designing course for kids by GoGlobalWays envisages? 

  • The course incorporated game designing training for kids in which they will learn certain empirical teaching related to the course and be able to develop the same. Game designing course for kids at GoGloabalWays will learn about the basics of coding language, games, the theory of play, user-interface design, mobile games, online games, graphics, modeling, gaming apps, websites, storytelling, and a lot more. 
  • To initialize the course with the learning of the basics of game designing and to accomplish it with developing a gaming app is the best and captivating aspect of GoGlobalWays. In the game designing course for kids at GoGlobalWays, the student will get the opportunity to learn teamwork and get the chance to explore multidisciplinary functions of game designing. 
  • In the game designing classes for kids, they will experience certain activities in the form of a team and enable them to undergo the functioning of gaming companies. During the game designing course for kids at GoGlobalWays, we conduct certain question-answer rounds, quiz, experiments, group discussion, etc that allows our students to explore the game designing field more. 
  • With the help of an online game designing course for kids, one could enter the field by learning the core of the same and develop a robust game developer community. However, GoGlobalWays speculate and endure the latest development in the game designing training for kids that allow them to stay updated and work accordingly. 
  • The game designing classes for kids provide a combining view that includes theoretical as well as empirical teachings. Consequently, this would help the students to not only have a theoretical understanding but also explore the practical aspect of the course. Furthermore, this would prepare the students to deal with every tough situation that comes up in real-world projects. 

Pictoblox, in-game designing course 

With the help of game designing classes for kids, it helps them to learn and develop simple games, 2D and 3D graphics, stories, animation, and a lot more. Moreover, the program planned for game designing also enables students to experience coding languages and their related aspects such as condition, loops, arrays, etc. Likewise, GoGlobalWays offers a simple coding language that could be easily learned by students such as Pictoblox. 

Pictoblox is one of the best and simple coding languages for kids, keeping in mind the basics aspects of game designing. Pictoblox is one of the modest languages that helps young minds to enter the coding industry and own the gaming app, animation, and stories. In the online community, your kid can share his creativity with the help of easy coding language, offered by GoGlobalWays. 

However, GoGlobalWays designed several programs and coding languages like in its game designing courses for kids that allow them to learn to reason, the new skill of coding, and creativity. This becomes the reason why every educational institution makes it mandatory for elementary classes to educate the coding concepts. On the other hand, when it turns to dull and boring classes, GoGlobalWays comes up with a game designing course for kids that every young mind is eager to learn. 

Although Pictoblox-GUI drag and drop is the language that is fun to learn  at such an early age, this language plays a vital role in the online community. Learning how to code becomes an integral part of today’s society that every young mind should learn and explore. Game designing classes for kids help them to solve real-world projects easily, designing, communicating ideas, creativity, and growing in a harmonious atmosphere. 

Optimum utilization of time 

What if your kid, despite watching tv, playing video games, or operating phones, starts to learn to develop its creation in the form of a gaming app, animation, or stories? Isn’t it interesting and the best way to utilize the spare time of your kid. 

  • After the successful completion of game designing training for kids by GoGloabalWays, our students receive the certificate of completion and are capable of entering the next stage of coding as well. The game designing course for kids is designed for the specific age group that provides them the platform to learn and thereafter to showcase their skills. A graphic programming forum introduced by MIT for young minds that use PictoBlox which helps them to understand basic coding aspects. 
  • Interestingly, to learn and enroll in the game designing course for kids, no basic knowledge Is required and any student can grasp the fundamentals of gaming. Languages like PictoBlox make it easy for young minds to understand the core of programming that assists them in developing their creativity. With the help of proper compilation of programs and coding elements, it makes it possible for the kid to formulate its gaming app. 
  • In an online game designing course for kids offered by GoGloabalWays, students are able to understand the problems that they face while developing their app and its respective solution with the help of experts and mentors appointed to them.