5 Amazing Ways to develop social-emotional learning in your child

social-emotional learning

Does academics only and only factor to the key of success The answer is a big NO and to achieve the overall development of your child, social-emotional wisdom plays a significant role in it. The reason why this aspect gaining importance day by day is due to its positive result in the development of young minds and enhance the awareness thereof. The understanding of social-emotional learning helps your kid in developing the respective skills with personality development.

social-emotional learning

Social-emotional learning activities

Social-emotional learning envisages different aspects such as relationship skills, responsible decision making, social awareness, self-management, positive attitude, and a lot more. To mold the attitude of your kid towards every phase of life in a positive manner, it is important to equip with social-emotional learning to them and this is the reason why the importance of social-emotional learning activities increases.

  1. The activities of social-emotional learning in preschool your child to express itself in an appropriate way and give a turning move to your kid’s life. By adding certain social-emotional learning activities at home, you can bring lifelong learning and strengthen the emotional aspect of your child.
  2. Moreover, these social learning activities for elementary purposes introduces with the objective of embedding the strong base of child behavior with remarkable effect in their academics as well. It is noteworthy that academics only helps in developing the mental and psychological growth of young minds but social-emotional learning activities foster the awareness in your child’s mind and results in better quality behaviors.

How emotional learning activities play a major role in life?

Developing a strong emotional base in young minds can actually make them capable to fight with any tough situation in their life and manage professional- personal relationships later. Does every child is extrovert in class and able to express it’s feeling? Does every child express able to communicate it’s problems with you? If no then social-emotional learning comes into a role where your child can give equal competition to its opponent not only with its academics but with a distinct attitude.

Activities for awareness

Kids are the keen learners and it’s often noticed that kids grab everything faster than us. So it becomes more important to provide them a positive atmosphere where they can share their feelings without any hesitation
Don’t pressurize them every morning to wake up early instead you should try a new way to wake them up so that they could feel cheerful and excited to start the day with positivity. Your one distinct way to make them pleased about morning could actually help them to get up regularly with a smile on their face.

Skills via social-emotional learning

By giving the kid the opportunity to perform self-management activities such as to encourage the kid for teamwork, give them certain problem-based questions, and ask them to solve with integrity. This would develop their teamwork skills, leadership skills, negotiation, dispute resolution, community making, decision-making skills, and a lot more.

Positivity all around

Give them puzzles to solve and in case of any conflict in teamwork or in solving the puzzle, give them the key to rectify it. In any case, the kids are unable to perform any task don’t throw negative statements on them such as you can’t do anything, don’t you know how to do this, how dumb you are, and a lot more. Instead of doing so, you need to encourage the kids with positive thoughts that make them emotionally strong to not give up and try a new way.

For eg, your one statement, “learn from failures and try it again” can actually boost the kid’s charm to performs with a zeal.  kids are the most sensitive case to handle and such social-emotional activities for toddlers in childcare make your child eager to love new things without any fear of losing.


Comprehensive learning

  1. Rather than giving the chapter to memorize as it is, social-emotional learning focuses on comprehensive learning that stimulates the child to decide it’s passion, the goal in life and handle real-life situations.
  2. With social-emotional learning at preschool with the help of comprehensive learning stimulates the kid to achieve any goal with a zeal. The speech, presentation, explanation of any topic or chapter can actually enhance their interest in a specified subject and increase their confidence at a stage level.
  3. Discussion and negotiations in teamwork also gaining importance nowadays at the elementary level with the objective to develop their personality. Leaving the kids for the duration to have an interactive session and put counter-question able the child to open for such things.
  4. For social-emotional learning, certain charts, positive thoughts, quotes, and other such related things should be posted in the classroom that motivates the child every time and makes them learn the reality of life.
  5. However, social-emotional learning activities not only restrict to preschool or home but could also learn from online games where the development of IQ of your kids interestingly increases such as playing PUBG or puzzle games online actually accumulate IQ as well as EQ level of kids.

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social-emotional learning
Therefore, now when you are well- versed with some of the ways for social-emotional learning activities at preschool, home, and another place you can utilize this activity to foster the growth of kid not only academically, or from a literacy point of view but to develop the other aspects that help the kids to tackle any situation in life with ease.



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