How to motivate your kid | 5 Ways for motivating your kid and Building Skills

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Are you wondering how to motivate your kid?

It is not easy to get homework, learning, reading, brushing their teeth, and other things done from a kid, but using the right strategies by motivating a kid in a creative way is possible. Instead of nagging or twisting their arms motivate your kid at every step. 

Do the same things motivate a kid and an adult? 

What motivates adults to do something? 

The reason behind motivation could differ from person to person. Most people wake up in the morning and go to their job to earn money or they are just passionate about what they do whereas some people don’t like to lose (they desire to be the best at everything), some wish to get recognized and some like to help others.

The question is what can motivate your kid, who does not know what they want to be in the future, does not understand what pride means, or clearly does not care about earning money yet. So, what motivates a kid?

Some kids are self-motivated but some need little push and guidance to take them in the right direction.

Are you wondering how to motivate your kid to study? How to motivate your kid to eat their vegetables? How to motivate your kid to practice hard things? How to motivate your kid who is unmotivated? Do you find it hard to motivate your kid?



Guidelines & Tips on things that Motivate Your Kid :

  • Reconsider the reward approach -Build the skill of positive Learning

Why rewarding kids with toys, sweets, and candies could develop wrong habits among kids. Research has shown that the effects of giving rewards to motivate kids are short-lived. What if they stop getting rewards, their motivation would also stop with it even for those activities they were passionate about Stop the urge of giving children bribe of extra video games or television time instead motivate kids by doing something fun together such as go on a long drive, play outside or let them plan something fun entire day. 

motivate your kid


  • Ask them to set goals – Build Skill of Independent Learning

To Motivate Your kid, encourage them to make a list of small goals to achieve a long-term goal. Make sure goals are realistic and children need to put in efforts to achieve them. Help them to plan the right goals for them. This will motivate kids to make their own decisions with confidence.

motivate your kid

  •   Let you kids make their own choices: Build Skill of Confidence

Throughout the school, life kids felt that they are controlled by their parents and educators in terms of what they should learn or what they should do. They might lose interest in learning. Give them some control by letting them choose the extra-curricular activities they desire. If kids have the freedom to decide their own learning experience they will feel more motivated to learn new things. The best way to encourage and motivate children is to let them make their own choices and face consequences for the same. This would teach kids a life-long lesson of taking responsibility and accountability for their actions.

motivate your kid

  •  Create a bridge between learning and your kid’s interest -Build Life Skill

How to motivate your kid to learn? Children will become more engaging and self-motivated if they are learning something related to their subject interest. To motivate children for additional learning you should encourage them to explore topics that fascinate them. Think about it, What if parents can replace kid hobbies of playing video games with learning to develop games.
motivate your child


  • Praise your kid’s hard work rather than the result

Try to avoid asking questions such as how they performed in their exam or why their grades are not good. To motivate a kid it is important you focus on what they have learned in the process instead of worrying about their performance or outcome. This would give them a feeling that you care about them whatever the result is. Let your kids know you are proud of them. Encourage and motivate kids by telling them that they are doing a great job so they don’t doubt their capabilities and can continue to learn with no fear.

motivate your child

What motivates your kid?

As a parent, your job is to guide and motivate children in the right direction while they create their own path. Don’t forget the best way to learn something is to make mistakes during the process.

Try these strategies to motivate a kid and tell us in the comment section below if these motivate your kids or not or what way works best for you to motivate your kid.