PBL In STEM Education : An Overview.


Stem education, recent steam that lays its emphasis on project-based learning approach thrive the education industry to grow. GoGlobalWays in its manner of teaching yet, utilize the project-based learning and activities that make our student innovative and capable to observe their growth.

Activity based learning is the demand of the time opt and develop with the advanced technology. Until and unless the education system won’t reform the manner of learning to project-based, unemployment rates would rise consistently. Because students with traditional learning find it unable to cope up with issues they are facing and need for project-based learning strongly felt by our professionals, scientist, and experts.

What Are Project-Based Learning And Activities? 

Project-based learning is a mechanism through which every student able to obtain quality content and abilities that further help them in answering the questions. Even the new education policy framework  emphasizes the need to introduce project-based learning in every education institution.

  • It would strive for critical thinking, analytical and logical reasoning that helps the students to answer every question and harmoniously deal with every problem. It not only reflects the standard form of learning but also the practical do of teaching and this is the reason
  • Such type of learning is done in collaboration of teaching and learning both.
  • Such type of learning allows students to actively participate in group activities that abolish the student’s hesitation and develop teamwork in them.
  • Such learning includes an empirical form of teaching and learning through certain projects which encompass students’ ideas, creativity, and voice.

GoGlobal Ways immensely announced that we are providing project-based learning to our students in our online session.

  • Certain examples of project-based learning activities are:-
  1. App building : Designing an app for the specific audience, and learn to create a virtual society therein.
  2. Robot designingLearn to design a robot and try to apply it in real-life projects or for daily usages. By designing a workable robot, you can analyze its operation in society.
  3. Geo-coaching : As in this pandemic situation, no academic institution able to conduct Geo-coaching for their students but you can make your geocaching and explore it.

  • Make your surrounding green by planning to have a garden near you, so start sowing seeds and you or your future generation will avail yourself the fruits of it.
  • Scrutinize the community or its problems.Fundamentals of STEM.
  • Recycle the materials in an Eco-friendly manner.
  • Choose the subject that is of national importance and try to re-frame the democracy.
  • Recreate from waste material into a productive thing.

It is very important to develop communication skills and such learning helps the students to communicate more with other peers. Yet, it seems the most interesting part for which every student eager to wait and perform because it’s not about to read or write only but to act.

What Are Project Learning Activities?

This type of learning envisages a bunch of activities in its ambit that helps the students to deal with real-life problems and get to learn to solve them smartly. The project learning activities not only make them habitual of real-life problems but also make them smart enough to unlock the problem with intelligence.

  • Such activities is not a one day task or a month but it’s a continuing process throughout the semester of the students in form of different ways such as questionnaire, quizzes, projects to deal with, community partnership, collaboration, teamwork, skills, and knowledge to handle, relevance and authenticity, etc.

Consequently, it develops thorough knowledge and extraordinary skills in the students.

  • In project learning activities, teachers and faculties turn the way of teaching where students actively engage in the given projects and demonstrate them. This would help them to represent their aptitude in a real audience and with a practical approach.

How Do You Introduce Project-Based Learning?

For a more formal definition of PBL, it is a type of teaching method inclined towards an empirical manner that assists the students to acquire skills comprehensively. This definition is although precise but includes everything in its ambit that PBL teaches.

  • The studies reflected that although professionals need time to adopt project-based learning but parallelly love to teach with this means. It is noticeable that project-based learning engages the contribution of teachers as well as students more, exemplify self -reliance look in the students.
  • Project-based learning not only renders job satisfaction to employees but also prepares the students to deal with every situation easily.
  • The PBL tries to reform the way of teaching and learning that requires certain development in the education field as well. The stem education that recently grows requires such type of learning and professionals at GoGlobalWays well versed with project-based learning and conduct its activities timely.

However, if you are planning to educate your child with the basics of stem education then GoGlobalWays would be the perfect institution that equips with project-based learning and evolves new ways for its teaching that makes the subject more interesting. You will find an engaging session, courses, activities, programs for your kid.

How To Motivate Your Kids With L?

Project-based learning helps the students to understand the problem and its nature expeditiously and try to find out its solution. It allows the student to find out all the possible answers to any question and decide which answer suited the best. Students can apply their creativity and mind while solving the problem and assist every student to apply different techniques in unlocking the issue they are facing.

  • Project-based learning is all about ideas, thoughts, techniques, creativity, innovation, knowledge, and wisdom to solve the projects. GoGlobalWays always prioritize the need for projects indulged learning in the education system and adopt the same in its online courses which can be reflected in its three C’s.
  • opens the minds of the students and drives them towards excellence. It allows the students to apply their minds in every direction they could and approach the problem through various procedures. This made the student think and always open up their mind to new ideas, creativity and innovations.

However, project-based learning emphasis students to think, experiment, and get the best solution to deal with any problem or project. It enables the students to work in cooperation, teamwork, and experience ownership over their learning.

How Is I Better Than Traditional Learning?

When the education system encountered both types of learning that is to say project-based as well as traditional learning, it is quite easy to recognize PBL as better than the other. GoGlobalWays opted the project-based learning for the same reason as traditional learning was only about academics and theoretical knowledge whereas project-based learning is about learning via different projects.

  • In traditional learning, dominance is over books, and don’t apply it in real life. Indeed, the practical world is far different from what is written in books, and to understand the stream like stem, it is indispensable to adopt the project-based learning that enables the student to perform it in the real world.
  • Traditional learning never prepares the students to conquer the skills to deal with any issue but project-based learning do so. It poses challenges to students, different problems, issues which they need to solve with the help of their knowledge and skills.
  • Just to teach the coding and algorithms could not make the students of the stem but to enable them to perform the experiments is much more important. The approach of traditional learning is more on learning through written information while project-based learning is based on empirical in its approach.

However, the PBL makes overall development of your child and enlightens them with the practical world, its problem as well as how to deal with it. To enroll your kids in the courses and programs offered by GoGlobalWays in a form of project-based learning nurture the growth of your kid.