Ways to improve student engagement in the Virtual Classroom

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Does your virtual classroom effectively, in the same way, your traditional classroom functions? Do your students obey all your instructions expeditiously and a healthy classroom with your potential students? Do you want to improve student engagement in the virtual classroom?

There are certain ways by which you can improve the functionality of your virtual classroom and prepare your students for effective collaboration. When everything turns digitally, it becomes crucial to make your virtual classroom effective where students can engage with you in a better manner and maintain the decorum.

It is although difficult to maintain discipline and student engagement in the virtual classroom but with the appropriate strategy and method, you can make your virtual classroom the best place to learn. It is very important to create a healthy atmosphere in a virtual classroom where a number of students engage simultaneously and able to learn in a supportive manner. But don’t worry, it a not impossible to create a supportive learning environment for the students in a virtual classroom in certain best ways.

student engagement in the virtual classroom

8 Ways to improve student engagement in the virtual classroom

Rather than noticing the disadvantages of the virtual classroom, there are a number of benefits in it that can be taken into consideration, and here are some of the suggestions to improve student engagement in the virtual classroom.

Improving engagement in the online classroom

  1. Exciting activities for student engagement in the virtual classroom– To improve classroom management, one of the best ways is to start with fun activities in your virtual classroom that encourage the students to participate in it and show the zeal to learn, likewise in a traditional classroom pattern. In a virtual classroom, it is very important to engage with each and every student and have a healthy discussion therein. With the help of such an atmosphere, you can actually connect with your students and even students can connect with each other easily.
  2. Engaging students in a virtual classroom– In your virtual classroom, apart from giving lectures and making them understand the concepts, you should also have a discussion time at the end of the class where students can feel free to ask you questions and a fruitful discussion could take place. Moreover, student engagement in the virtual classroom is not that tricky task but requires a proper procedure to conduct and by creating a systematic plan to communicate with every student.
  3. Develop a group of students – by fostering strong connectivity among students, it becomes easy to formulate virtual classroom engagement activities that the student comfortable to participate and ask any question without hesitation.
  4. Improving student engagement in the virtual classroomNowadays every school, college, or university have been conducting virtual classroom but don’t know how to engage students in virtual learning? It increases the student’s participation, you should conduct certain activities by which students can present their unique ideas and virtual student engagement ideas could help the online classroom management. However, by evaluating each student’s performance in virtual class you could also formulate distinct ways by which students can learn easily and adjust themselves with new education mechanisms.

  5. Interaction for student engagement in the virtual classroom – It seems difficult to implement this point but it is one of the best ways for students’ engagement in your classroom. But now it’s possible to execute it in a tight way? So to interact with each student fave to face in a virtual classroom you need to formulate certain virtual classroom rules of engagement that could help you to maintain the discipline and vigorous interaction that could take place. As for instance, you formulate a rule for the classroom that each student will ask a question by first raising their hand in the comment section and in chronological order and then mute yourself that won’t create e nuisance in the classroom as well. 
  6. Daily assignment to accomplish – in the virtual classroom it seems tough to observe the growth of each and every student but by the way, giving assignments to every student you can actually evaluate their progress. At the end of the lesson or discussion, you should facilitate certain practical or empirical assignments for students to complete within the stipulated time.
  7. Question and answer round for student engagement in the virtual classroom- in a virtual classroom it is difficult to conduct question-answer rounds in the same way you conduct it in a traditional classroom. But with the help of a quiz once in a week you could improve student engagement in a virtual classroom. With such short activities or tasks, your classroom could be the best place for students to engage and learn the basics.
  8. Provide opportunities to share- for a better understanding, it is crucial for every student to share their knowledge, problems, questions, answers, ideas, thoughts, and a lot more. And for doing so, it is important to provide opportunities to students and in every session, you should plan 10 to 15 minutes for sharing the student views, feedback, problems, presentation, questions, etc so that student engagement in the virtual classroom could be increase.

However, with the above-mentioned suggestion, one could improve its a virtual classroom and able to engage more and more students in the activities of the classroom.