Freedom’s Pride: Celebrating India’s Strength on Independence Day

Flag Hoisting



Independence Day is a time when a nation reflects upon its journey toward freedom, the unyielding strength that fueled that journey, and the pride that arises from breaking the shackles of oppression. For India, August 15th stands as a testament to the relentless struggle for freedom, the unwavering pride in its diverse heritage, and the enduring strength that defines the nation.

Indian Flag Hoisting On Scratch
A Tapestry of Pride

India’s identity is woven from the threads of its diverse cultures, languages, and traditions. Independence Day is a time to embrace this mosaic of heritage with pride. Here we are is presenting a small project which expresses our feelings towards our country. The tricolor flag, fluttering high, symbolizes not only the nation’s unity but also its rich tapestry of cultures. From the majestic Himalayas to the serene backwaters of Kerala, India’s pride lies not just in its vast landscapes but also in its ability to honor its past while embracing the present.

So, let’s make a beautiful project together on this Independence Day.

Select Sprites- 


1. In this, you will take Hazel, John, and Tobi as a sprite from the library.

2. India Flag Sprite you need to upload in the Sprite section.

3. In this step we will change the costume of sprites into the tricolor flag. 

As we all know One of the most remarkable facets of India is its unity amid diversity. Independence Day is a testimony to the strength that comes from standing together as a nation. That’s why we strike the costume of sprites into the Independence Day sentiment of unity.

4. We will change the hazel custom to saffron color.


5. Similarly, Toby will be changed to white and John will be changed to green.

As the nation rejoices in the spirit of Independence Day, it’s a time not only to honor the historical struggle for freedom but also to reflect on the profound idea of “freedom in the mind.

While we commemorate the sacrifices of those who fought with arms, it’s equally important to acknowledge the unyielding strength that resides in words.

It’s an embodiment of the pride that resonates deep within our souls as Indians.

Select Backdrop- 


6. Now You will select three different Backdrops.

One of the most remarkable facets of India is its unity amid diversity. Independence Day is a testimony to the strength that comes from standing together as a nation. 

The celebrations, whether in the heart of bustling cities or in the quietude of rural towns, echo a shared sentiment of unity. The strength of India lies not just in its physical prowess but also in the resilience of its people, who come together in the face of challenges and triumphs alike.

Let’s Code- 

As the sun rises on the 15th of August, it brings with it the echoes of a historic moment – India’s Independence Day. The strength of India lies not just in its physical prowess but also in the resilience of its people, who come together in the face of challenges and triumphs alike.

So, let’s start writing the code of Sprites with different titles. 

Hazel Code-

Hazel Presenting Freedom In the mind. As we know the nation’s progress in various fields, from technology to arts, is a manifestation of its newfound strength and global significance. The pride of being an Indian stem not just from history but from the potential of the future, as the nation continues to rise on the world stage.

7. Here you will be making a walking animation with Hazel.

8. Make a broadcast as Tobi. So that Tobi can enter after Hazel’s code.

Tobi Code-

Tobi is presenting the white color of the tricolor and showing the title of India’s unwavering strength. A strength that is not just measured in military might, but in the resilience of its people and the rich diversity that courses through its veins. This strength finds its roots in the spirit of unity amidst diversity.

9. Here we have four broadcasts: Tobi, John, flag, and Independence Day.

10. When starting the Tobi will hide.

11. When receiving the broadcast Tobi will show and walk.

12. After Tobi’s code the Next Sprite John will appear. This is why we made a broadcast for John.

John Code-

John Presenting the Green color of the Indian flag. The green color of the Indian flag holds significant symbolism. It represents the country’s fertile landscapes, growth, and prosperity. It also stands for harmony and unity among the diverse communities that make up India. The green stripe serves as a reminder of the nation’s agricultural heritage and its commitment to sustainable development. Additionally, the green color evokes a sense of hope and renewal, reflecting India’s continuous journey toward a better future.

13. The code will be the same as Tobi’s code. You can change John’s position as given in the picture.

14. We will make a broadcast flag because now we will start Flag Hoisting after the introduction of all Titles with Sprites.

Flag hoisting in India is a patriotic ritual that holds deep symbolic significance. It’s a ceremonial act of unfurling the tricolor Indian flag – saffron, white, and green with the Ashoka Chakra – in various public places, schools, government offices, and institutions across the nation.

Flag hoisting instills a sense of pride, unity, and national identity among citizens, reminding them of the sacrifices made during the struggle for independence and the continuous effort to uphold democratic values. It serves as a powerful reminder of the nation’s progress, diversity, and the collective responsibility of every Indian to contribute positively to the country’s growth and development.

Flag Code-

15. Do write the code on the Flag sprite. Upload the sound of the National Anthem from the link below-


16. For hosting the flag, we need to write code with the Flag broadcast.

17. Forever the flag will change its costume after waiting for some time. It will generate Good Animation for the flag Sprite.


Complete Message Code-

Indians celebrate freedom, pride, and strength – the cornerstones of our nation’s journey. Independence Day fills every Indian heart with a triumphant spirit, reminding us of the hard-fought freedom, the unwavering pride in our diverse heritage, and the enduring strength that propels our great nation forward.

18. Now You are going to make 4 new sprites with different text as given below

  • “Let’s salute our country on Independence Day”

19. Now will be writing the code to give a position on the stage area while Flag Hosting.

20. The following code you need to write for all text-based sprites.


Sprite1 Code-

21. Take the broadcast and inside the repeat block do write code as given below.

Sprite2 Code-

22. same code we will be writing for Sprite 2. We will give different positions and use a glide block for repeating the number of times.

Sprite3 Code-

Sprite4 Code-

Independence Day is a special day for all of us, especially in India. On Independence Day, we not only think about the past but also look forward to a future where we can continue to grow and make our country even better. Remember, freedom is precious, and it’s our responsibility to respect it, cherish it, and work together to make our country a wonderful place for everyone. Happy Independence Day!


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