How To Start Homeschooling in 2020 | Smart Online Education For Kids

homeschooling in 2020

Homeschooling in 2020 might not sound like an easy task for parents so we have some smart tips on online education to make homeschooling engaging and interesting for kids during this outbreak of COVID-19

Learning should never stop. 

As schools our shutdown all across the globe and not likely to open soon due to this pandemic, parents are finding themselves juggling on how to homeschool kids?

Schools might be doing their bit by providing virtual classes, assignments, and study material with the help of digital platforms to students but what role as a parent you can play during this homeschool time. Homeschooling doesn’t exactly mean parents need to think of themselves as teachers or you need to bring school at home.

Struggling with homeschooling in 2020 during coronavirus crisis? 

New to homeschooling?

First, start by making a timetable like kids have in school as this would bring consistency but don’t forget to include fun activities, game time, and new learnings such as STEAM learning other than their regular boring school subjects in homeschool timetable.

It does not have to be as rigid as per the school timetable, make it flexible. The best part about the homeschool timetable is that it can be made according to the children’s individual needs. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for kids in 2020 to learn new skills or to follow their passion. Ask them what they would like to learn instead of just telling them what to learn.

This is a great time to figure out where their interest lies, they might be interested in learning piano, dance, photography or they can also learn the important skills of the 21st century such as coding, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

How To Keep Kids Busy During Homeschooling in 2020 through Smart Online Education?

  • Get Creative with Your Kids during homeschooling in 2020

Art has always been a fun way to learn and an important part of our education that need to be included in homeschool. It is a great opportunity to bring out the creativity in kids by doing crafts projects or activities with them, this would also make homeschooling fun and messy.

There are many creative activities that would also make learning constructive like DIY invisible ink experiment. Parents can easily find tips and ideas online on creative crafts to do at home which requires only home-based materials with their kids.

homeschooling in 2020 through online education for kids

You must be wondering where to find resources for homeschooling in 2020?

It’s time to exploit online content. You can easily find resources related to any need online, even piano and dance classes are now available online. To keep your kids busy with reading you can find ample free books on websites like oxford owl, amazon’s free kid’s E-books, and open library.

Duo-lingo is a great platform to learn new languages, they even have specially- designed lessons for kids. There are many websites that are offering online courses with certifications such as GoGlobalWays for kids to learn new skills, you can enroll your kid in such smart online courses in 2020 and keep them busy during this novel coronavirus outbreak. 

It is important that as a parent you keep your patience and stay positive while homeschooling in 2020 with your kids. Homeschool is now the only way to keep them learning and busy during this pandemic. The positive side of this homeschool is that parents will also learn new things along with their children.

It is a great time to bond with your kids and to make lots of memories with them. Remember, homeschooling works on trial and error method, and if something is not working for them then move on. You need to be flexible. Time to bring out those board games and puzzles that you used to play with your kids. 

Homeschooling in 2020 is thus a new trend and it is found that learning at home has been really advantageous for kids as smart online education is being gifted to children at their own level. Kids are able to work at a level above what might be on offer in a traditional school classroom.