Let’s Explore Today Bed Of Nails Experiment-Cool Science Activity

bed of nails

It’s time to explore the cool science behind the famous trick of lying down on a bed of nails experiment!

You may have seen your favorite circus performers or magicians perform the classic Bed of Nails trick, but What is the Secret?

Using a smaller version of the bed and a clear balloon, you can see the science behind this trick.
With this activity, we take that curiosity about how a person can sleep on Bed of Nails and turned into a fun learning STEAM activity.

Let’s Explore the Cool Science Behind “Bed Of Nails” Experiment

What you’ll need for the Bed of Nails Experiment?

  • Nails or Bulletin board pins – 20
  • Balloons – 2

materials required for bed of nails experiment

Instructions for the cool science STEAM activity:

  1. Place one nail or pin upside down over a surface.
  2. Blow up one of the clear balloons and press it into the single nail to pop the balloon. (This is the perfect demonstration to you that this is an ordinary balloon and the nails are sharp!)
  3. Now place all the pins upside down over the surface.
  4. Blow up another balloon and place it on the bed of pins or nails.
  5. Start pushing down on the balloon. You can push pretty hard on the balloon before it ever pops, but you won’t believe your eyes!
  6. At some point, the balloon will not be able to take any more pressure and will pop when you push hard enough, that’s okay, it shows you that there was no trick!

Steps for bed of nails activity

Ohh !! Now You Must Be Wondering –

What’s happening? How does the bed of nails experiment works?

So, let us break up the excitement: Read Further

When you pop the first balloon with the nail, all of the pressure is concentrated on one point of the balloon so the balloon easily pops.

When you place the balloon on the bed of nails, the pressure points are spread all across the surface of the balloon.

Just like the balloon, when a person lies on a bed of nails, their body is evenly distributed across the surface of the nails. The only real danger of being punctured by a nail is if the performer doesn’t lie down or get up correctly and pressure points of the nails are concentrated on one area of the body.

beds of nail experiment steam activity

Now you know the circus secret! So, share this link with your friends and let them also know the bed of nails experiment secret !!

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Now there is a task for you :

Find out more about :

How does the spacing of the nails affect the amount of pressure the balloons can take?

Experiment with different types or brands of balloons and observe do brands make difference in more pressure than others?

Let us know about these in the comments below and how do you feel to know about the secret of the bed of nails experiment.

Keep Exploring. Have Fun !!