Why Coding for Kids is the Perfect After-School Activity

Coding for Kids

We know how important it is for our kids to stay active throughout the day, especially after school. The importance of after-school activities in a child’s development cannot be overstated. Kids can explore new interests, develop skills, and gain experience through them. Coding for kids is a popular after-school activity for kids these days. Here’s why coding is the perfect after-school activity for your child and what its benefits are. For your kid, if you’ve ever wanted to teach them coding but didn’t know how to start, this article is for you.

You will know how you can teach kids to learn and write coding and show them the value of learning code. So, let’s get started.

Why Coding Is Popular Nowadays

After School Activity

In today’s world, coding plays an important role in almost every part of our life. As a result, coding has become a necessary skill for those who want to succeed in this digital world.

  • Developing your problem-solving skills

Coding teaches us how to break down bigger problems into small parts. So that, your kids can easily understand and learn to think logically. This activity plays an important role as it enhances their creative thinking skills and problem-solving abilities.

  • Creativity and innovation development

Coding plays an opportunity for kids to show their imaginations and develop their ideas. Kids design their projects, games, and animations. Kids feel motivated as coding explores them and their thinking ability outside the box and creatively implements the coding parts. Coding helps kids to use technology as a creator who creates many more applications, games, etc. So, in-short coding inspires their imagination and increases their problem-solving skills which are very beneficial to a kid in their future life.

  • Collaboration and Teamwork

Coding involves teamwork and collaboration, as kids make their projects along with their friends. They can share ideas, and their imagination with each other, and collectively they create some new inventions. These experiences of coding help them in their future academic and personal life as well.

  • Developing technological literacy

In today’s time, the world is going towards the environment of technology so, it is important to learn technological literacy. By doing this, kids develop a deeper understanding of technological work. Kid’s become more confident in using digital tools and preparing themselves to become good developers/coders.

The Importance of Coding Skills

Coding skills are becoming an important aspect of our life as it is growing day by day. Here are several reasons for learning coding skills.

  1. With advancements in technologies, jobs are moving towards automation and digitalization. Coding opens carrier opportunities in various fields such as web development, software development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and many more. To learn to code, anyone can make their future in the technological field.

  2. The coding abilities help kids to explore the digital environment in which they live.

  3. Coding helps kids develop their creative thinking and problem-solving skills, by teaching them to break down complex problems into simpler ones.

  4. Coding allows kids to create and implement their imagination and explore their ideas frequently. A Kid may develop their applications, build a robotic system, make their websites, and many more.

  5. It enhances their collaborative nature and prepares them to work with a team. As a project needs a team. In teamwork, kids explore their new ideas and share them with their teammates to make a better project.

  6. From communication, and education to our transportation, everything is digitalized nowadays. By learning to code, a kid can understand deeper knowledge of how technology works.

Coding As An After-School Activity For Kids

  1. Kids show their creativity by creating games, animations, making stories, etc. They show their ideas to the real world and explore them uniquely and give them a new touch.

  2. There are so many platforms where coding can be taught as a game player theme which makes coding a fun activity. They give points to kids while coding.

  3. Kids love to solve puzzles, finding the solution to difficult problems. So here, coding allows them to find solutions such as debugging codes, solving programming challenges, and creating algorithms.

  4. Coding activities allow teamwork and collaborative projects. Here, a kid can communicate with their friends and they can work as a team and making this an enjoyable moment while learning coding.

Here are some coding games and projects and activities by which you can teach your kid in a way better.

  1. Scratch programming:-Scratch programming for kids allows to create their animation and games. They can create their character by their choice and add their behavior.

  2. Code.org:-Code.org gives a variety of coding activities, such as puzzle-based games. They provide step-by-step instructions to follow the game and make it a fun

  3. Web Development:-In web development for Kids learns HTML, CSS, and Javascript to make their website.

  4. App Development:-In the app development Kids can learn to develop their mobile application. They can solve so many real-world problems by learning them.

  5. Robotics:-Robotic kits help kids to develop their robots.

Choosing the best coding resources for your kids as an after-school activity

  1. Choose coding resources as per your kid’s age and skills. Find the resources which are designed for different age groups.

  2. Make sure while choosing a resource for your kid as an after-school activity, first, you have to know about your kid’s interests. It will be very helpful for your kid.

  3. Ensure coding resources give clear instructions, and learning objects while teaching your kid. Check those platforms that offer step-by-step instructions for a better understanding of kids.
  4. Choose resources that encourage your kid’s creativity. Make sure it will be fun as well as give appropriate knowledge about coding.

  5. Check reviews, and feedback from other people before choosing your resource.

  6. Look for platforms that are available on different platforms such as mobile phones, tablets, and computer systems.

By keeping these all in mind, parents can choose appropriate coding resources as after-school activities for their kids along with their interests.


Coding is an after-school activity, your kid learns how to code and how to take part in coding projects, games, and other activities which are important to making coding interesting and fun. Kids learn coding concepts from these tools, along with they can explore their creativity openly and improve various abilities such as critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These examples encourage kids to support coding and making what they want to develop. Different coding games, projects, and other learning activities with their collaborative nature and teamwork can prepare them for the future. So start coding exercises now and observe your kid’s abilities in coding and making their future bright.