Let’s Celebrate Rakhi with Hazel’s Joyful Rakhi


Hey there, awesome kids! 🌈 Have you ever heard of a special day called Rakhi? It’s a super-duper exciting festival that’s all about brothers and sisters. Imagine a day filled with laughter, love, colorful bracelets, and yummy treats – that’s Rakhi for you! In this super cool blog, we’re going to dive into the fun and magic of Rakhi, and learn why it’s such an amazing day to celebrate!

Raksha Bandhan

What is Rakhi All About?

Rakhi is a day to celebrate the wonderful bond between brothers and sisters. It’s like having a built-in best friend that you can play with, share secrets with, and have awesome adventures together. On Rakhi, sisters tie colorful threads called “rakhi” around their brothers’ wrists. It’s like giving them a bracelet made of love! And guess what? Brothers give their sisters special gifts and promises too! It’s a day when everyone shows how much they care for each other.

The Tale Behind Rakhi

Long, long ago, there was a brave prince named Rama and his sister Sarita. Rama was going on a big adventure, so Sarita tied a thread around his wrist to protect him. That thread brought them even closer together, and Rama promised to protect Sarita forever. This sweet story is one of the reasons why Rakhi is celebrated – to show love and promise to take care of each other, just like Rama and Sarita!

Rama and Sarita

Let me tell you a very exciting story about Hazel. Once upon a time in a colorful little town, there lived a cheerful girl named Hazel. Hazel was known for her big smile, curious nature, and love for her big brother, Aarav. The town was bustling with excitement as the festival of Rakhi was just around the corner. Hazel couldn’t wait to celebrate this special day with her beloved brother.

So, let’s begin with the code part-

1. Import Sprites and Backdrop:

Import the Hazel Sprite and the backdrop images into your PictoBlox project.



2. Creating Hazel’s Animation:

  • In PictoBlox, use the “When Green Flag Clicked” block to start the animation when the green flag is clicked.
  • Use the “Repeat” block to create a loop for Hazel’s walking animation. Inside the loop:
  •  Use the “Next Costume” block to cycle through different costumes of the Hazel sprite to create the walking animation.
  • To make Hazel talk, you can use the “Say” block inside the loop to display the message “Hey please help me to select beautiful Rakhi.” as a speech bubble above Hazel.

3. Animating Hazel’s Movement:

  • You can use the “Go to x: [ ] y: [ ]” block to move Hazel horizontally across the screen. Adjust the x and y values to make Hazel walk along the street backdrop.
  • Made a broadcast block as “rakhi shop”.

  • One sunny morning, as the birds chirped merrily outside her window, Hazel woke up with a sparkle in her eyes. She remembered that she needed to find the perfect rakhi for Aarav. After gobbling down her breakfast and giving her mom a quick hug, she dashed out the door with a jingle of her bracelets.

The town was alive with vibrant decorations. Colorful ribbons and flowers adorned the streets, and the little shops were filled with rakhis of all shapes and sizes. Hazel’s heart raced with excitement as she embarked on her rakhi adventure. Her first stop was Mr. STEAM store, a place known for its fantastic collection of rakhis.

You need to customize the backdrop for the shop:

As Hazel entered the store, a bell tinkled, announcing her arrival. She was greeted by a wide array of rakhis – shiny ones, sparkly ones, and even rakhis with tiny toys attached to them. Hazel’s eyes widened in amazement. She carefully examined each rakhi, imagining how Aarav would react when he saw it.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create an animation of Hazel entering a shop-

4. Create the Animation:

  • Drag and drop the broadcast block “when I receive rakhi shop ” to start the animation.
  • Use the “Go to [x: ] [y: ]” block to position Hazel inside the shop.
  • Use a “Say [ ] for [ ] seconds” block to make Hazel say, “I’m entering the shop!” after entering.
  • Again, use a broadcast block for the Isaac sprite, “broadcast Isaac”.

After much contemplation, Hazel picked the perfect rakhies. Hazel knew Aarav would adore this rakhi. 

With the chosen rakhi in hand, Hazel skipped to the counter, where Mr. Robo stood with a warm smile. “Ah, Hazel! Have you found your favorite rakhies?” he asked kindly.

Hazel nodded enthusiastically; her eyes gleaming. “Yes, Mr. Robo! I picked amazing rakhies from your store. 

Mr. Robo gently took the rakhies from her and placed it in a delicate box. “I’m sure your brother will be over the moon when he sees this rakhi, Hazel.”

1. Make all Rakhi sprites and place them accordingly in the shop backdrop.

2. Isaac will be coming towards Hazel and his name is Mr. Robo.

3. Drag and drop the broadcast block “when I receive Isaac”

4. You will make your robo block with the given code.

5. Mr. robo will say, “Hello you can pick rakhi to your brother”.

6. And again make a broadcast as,” rakhi”.

7. Hazel picked up rakhi by entering the rakhi code in the bag given by Mr. Robo(Isaac).

8. You are going to write code for each rakhi sprite.

9. You will be making your rakhi beg.

10. For each key the rakhi sprite will come to the beg and hide. 

11. Hazel picked up rakhi by entering the rakhi code in the bag given by Mr. Robo(Isaac).

12. You are going to write code for each rakhi sprite.

13. You will be making your rakhi beg.

14. For each key the rakhi sprite will come to the beg and hide.

Hazel giggled at the pun and thanked Mr. Robo before leaving the store. With the rakhi safely tucked away, Hazel’s thoughts turned to the upcoming celebration. She envisioned tying the rakhi around Aarav’s wrist, and the promise of protection and love that came with it.

With this amazing story, let’s know more about Rakhi.

Getting Ready for Rakhi

Getting ready for Rakhi is so much fun! Sisters pick out the prettiest rakhis they can find or even make them with colorful beads, sparkles, and lots of creativity. And brothers, well, they secretly choose gifts for their sisters – it could be toys, books, or anything that’ll bring a big smile to their faces. Oh, and don’t forget the delicious treats! Sweets like yummy laddoos and chocolates are shared to make the day even sweeter.

The Exciting Rakhi Day 

When Rakhi day arrives, there’s so much excitement in the air! Brothers and sisters get all dressed up in their best clothes. Sisters tie the rakhis on their brother’s wrists, and brothers give their sisters their special gifts. It’s like a mini party at home, filled with love, laughter, and happiness. And you know what’s the best part? The day is all about showing appreciation and making wonderful memories together!

Sibling Bonding and Fun

Rakhi is not just about rakhis and gifts – it’s also about spending quality time together. Brothers and sisters play games, share stories, and create unforgettable moments. You could have a fun indoor picnic, build a cool fort, or even challenge each other to a board game showdown! It’s a day when fights take a break and laughter takes center stage.


So, there you have it, awesome kids – the amazing world of Rakhi! It’s a day to celebrate the super special bond you share with your brother or sister. With colorful rakhis, sweet treats, and promises of love, Rakhi is all about making your sibling feel cherished. Whether you’re giggling over a funny joke or giving each other a high-five after a game, Rakhi is a reminder of the incredible friendship you have.

Remember, it’s not just a day for brothers and sisters – it’s a day for best buddies! So, next Rakhi, get ready to celebrate with all your heart and make it a day to remember. Until then, keep spreading love, sharing laughs, and being the amazing siblings you are. Happy Rakhi, little champs!

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