How Artificial Intelligence Can Change Kid’s Future In 2021?

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“My number one piece of advice is; you should learn how to program. “Mark Zuckerberg

Do you agree? We are entering into a new era with the help of unpredictable developments in the domain of artificial intelligence. We are surrounded by technologies in our everyday life and we don’t even notice it. In the age of artificial intelligence, new technologies are being used to save lives by predicting whether an individual might suffer from a disease in future. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, a world with human and robots living side by side. 21st century has shown us this imagination is possible. Coding has always been an important part and source of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In order to make your kid future compatible it is important for them to understand how coding works.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping Education?

Human Intelligence For Future Based Learning

To make kids succeed in future, change in the education system with changing world is important. In previous years, education infrastructure used to focus only on theoretical knowledge but now it focused has been shifted to practical knowledge. Due to the existence of artificial knowledge and machine learning, online learning has been made possible, now a physical presence in a classroom is not necessary, anyone who has access to computer and internet can learn anything from anywhere.  Why it is important to introduce AL in education; 

1.Artificial Intelligence will work as a support system for teachers:


The fear that the advancement of technology will replace teachers in the future is possibly wrong; you can never learn emotional and social skills from a robot. Artificial intelligence will make the teacher more efficient by allowing them to give personalized attention to each kid. Some student who hesitates to ask his/ her doubts in a public classroom can personally interact with the teacher in virtual classes. A teacher can prepare personalized assignments, notes, and papers for a student who faces some kind of difficulty in studies. Al can also reduce the burden of the teacher by correcting papers on behalf of them.

2.Teach your kid what they want to learn:

Kids have always been fascinated by the flying cars and robots shown in the movies, these kinds of movies make kid imagination go wild. Our traditional education system has been very strict in the curriculum; kids do not have flexibility on what they want to learn. Each subject is taught separately but learning artificial intelligence means S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) learning i.e. learning and applying all subjects at once. Artificial Intelligence has given us various apps, tools, and programs which allow kids to learn anything they like from anywhere at any time. 

What is the scope of artificial intelligence in the future?

Strengthen The Education System

Artificial Intelligence will change the way the human society operates. In the age of AL, all future jobs will be done and performed on computers. Therefore, it will reshape the education system and would create new career paths in the fields of machine learning, robotics, and program management. This is the reason why the schools are introducing various computer-related programs to kids at early ages. To make the youth’s future efficient it is important we change our traditional education course. As coding is the language of artificial intelligence, there are different platforms which are providing online courses that will make learning easy and fun for kids.

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