Introducing Top 4 Challenges after COVID-19 on School Education

covid-19 after challenges in school education

School and its stakeholders together have faced many challenges in the past but nothing like this pandemic of COVID-19. Teachers are adopting a new way of teaching for school education. Students are learning online without their friends and our education system is also adopting these changes.

The stress and pressure to maintain the quality of education are increasing in schools. Therefore, the demand for well-qualified educators is also growing.

Whether you are a school principal, teacher, or a counselor your jobs are equally difficult and challenging, guiding students with different dreams, capabilities, aptitude, background, culture, interest, personality, and IQ level together in the same classroom is not easy.

The major role and challenges school faces is to prepare young people for the future that is uncertain and changing constantly.

Top 4 challenges our school education will be facing after COVID-19 are :

  • Encouraging teaching as a professional career after COVID-19

Artificial intelligence and machines are taking over manual work. To prepare children for jobs that don’t exist yet we need high professional teachers who will not only make them learn professional skills but also soft skills to survive in the 21st century. To face this future challenge schools need to attract highly qualified teachers.  

  • Re-designing of Curriculum in the school education system

Most of the parents and students would agree the school curriculum has been outdated for years and needs improvement. The school does not prepare students for real-world jobs.

Modern school curriculum focuses on memorizing and reciting skills instead of 21st-century skills such as problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, digital literacy, and communication.

Learning coding, robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning at an early age would help students to develop future skills.

It is clear that in 2020 schools will be facing challenges of adopting a new education curriculum.

  • Flexible Learning Environment after COVID-19

In the future, schools will be facing challenges to provide a personalized learning experience to students. Schools have been following a traditional system of grouping students according to their age.

This shows that students of the same age group are of the same capabilities and interests and they need the same kind of learning but parents, young people and schools are releasing the drawback of this system.

There might be a group of students who need extra learning support additional to their regular classes so that they can understand things better.

Students should have opportunities to learn anything they want to learn at any time. Hence, the challenges schools will be facing in 2020 is to provide students with e-learning resources and tools.

covid-19 education

  • Education is becoming costly

Whether it is a college, private or public school the fee needs to be restructured. Education should be affordable for everyone. An extra initiative needs to be taken to make sure that all desirable students get equal opportunities to learn irrespective of their financial condition.

The school will be facing a challenge in the future and present of providing the best quality education at an affordable cost. It is faux that investing more money in the education system would give better outcomes for students.  

Major challenges schools will be facing after COVID-19:

Changes in technology, political, and economic environment are happening at an increasingly fast pace which is affecting the nature of future skills demand. There is an urgent need for schools to provide students in the right direction, learning, and skills to excel in future jobs.

The 21st-century school education system should be capable of preparing our next generation for a future that is complex, uncertain, and constantly changing. 

According to you how well schools and educators are prepared to face 2020 school challenges?

Is our school education system ready for future challenges?

Comment your views below.