8 Amazing After School Questions To Ask Your Kids

after school questions

As students are not going to school due to the pandemic situation of COVID-19, many schools have shifted from offline classroom to online learning.

Before and after school routines have been changed for students, but there are many after school questions that parents must keep in mind to ask their kids not only in the future when things get to normal but in the current situation too.

When kids start school parents become curious. They are stuck with questions like what did they learn today.

Did they treat everyone kindly?

What new activities they did? 

But parents might get one word or the same response every time when they ask them. The trick is to skip those close-ended questions to simple “how was your day”?.

So before proceeding further , let us know your thoughts in comments.

Actually what questions do you think you should ask your kids after-school?

Why asking these amazing after school questions to your kids is so important?

It is important that you ask after school questions from your child, as it is a great way to get them talking or to start a conversation with them.

  • Some kids are introverted or quiet in nature when you ask such questions they might say few words or sentences.
  • Similarly, some are waiting for the right opportunities to share their experience.

Asking them after school questions will help you to gather pictures about how their day was and they might also discuss things they wanted to share but they couldn’t.

Don’t pressure them to answer several questions at one go. Ask questions that would encourage long conversation instead of “yes” or “no” short ones.

after school qu

What are the good after school questions to ask your kids?

  1. What made you smile today?

This after school question might hit a jackpot; you might discover what they like or they might share a story with you.

  1. Did you learn something interesting today?

You won’t get to know what your kids are actually learning if you don’t ask them. Asking this after school question, will give you a glimpse of what they have learned today and about their homework.

  1. What fun activity you did today?

This would tell you whether your kid is taking the initiative to participate in an extra-curricular activity or not and what kind of activities they are doing to develop their skills like creativity, problem-solving, and many more.

  1. Did you ask any questions today to your teacher?

Some kids might keep their questions to themselves instead of asking them in front of the classroom filled with students but that’s okay. They might share that question with you and it would be great if you encourage them to ask a question next time.

  1. What if you could switch places with your teacher, what subject will you like to teach?

Such after-school questions are not straight forward but our fun to answer. This question might answer what subject they like the most. It can also give you an idea of whether they are interested in teaching others or not.

  1. Did you do something good today?

This after school question might do wonders or maybe not. Even if their answer is no, there is a still scope of additional conversation you can teach them what is like to help others and why helping others is important.

  1. Did you find something hard or difficult?

After school questions like this will give you an idea about difficulties your kids are facing while learning. And what extra-support you need to provide to help them.

  1. What were the best things about today?

This might become a close-ended after school question because they might give a one-word answer like “playtime” but respond with “why” playtime, what games did you play?. If you ask them, you’ll get all details.  

What after school questions you should avoid asking your child?

  1. How was your day?
  2. What did you learn today?
  3. Do you have any homework?
  4. Did you have a good time at school?
  5. Are you kind to everyone?

Parental tip for after school questions

Do not ask more than 4-5 questions every day. Ask them an after school question like you are having a casual conversation. Stop questioning them if they are not engaging with you, timings might not be right, ask them later.

To make your conversation with your kid fun and interesting, start by sharing your experience, give them your examples like what problems did you face while learning subjects, something that they could relate with this would open up them to share their thoughts and feelings.

In short, connect them with a story that might encourage them to involve in conversation and make a good end to a day with the best memories.