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Online app development classes for kids

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Live Sessions



Live Sessions

Course Description

Learn to think, evaluate, code, and redesign the android apps using MIT app inventor. The online android app development classes for kids aim to instill their interest in going beyond the looks and understanding the basics of app development. It allows them to code and build projects that have a real impact using the MIT app inventor. GoGlobalWays android app development classes for kids enable them to understand coding and data structures using block coding so that they can employ the power of technology to change the world around them. 

  • Fun & Interactive sessions taught by expert educators
  • A world-class curriculum designed to develop necessary 21-st century skills
  • An online app development course for kids helps them design 16 apps like a calculator, stopwatch, fidget spinner, shooting project, and much more. 

  • 10+ application-based projects, including live 1:1 tutor session

Learning Goal

  • Online app development for kids that help kids evolve into future innovators by building apps using the MIT inventor app.  
  • Explore the app development world and enhance the kid’s focus, directional sense, and creativity.
  • Learn about coordinates, app development, data structures, layouts, arithmetic operators, sensors, and much more. 
  • Create apps and improve critical thinking, computational & problem-solving skills by experiential learning. 
Shooting Project in MIT App Inventor
Shooting Project in MIT App Inventor.gif

Enroll in the Course!

Personal Tutoring Sessions

An expert educator dedicated to ensure that the kid learns on a 1:1 basis with a highly personalized approach.
₹ 13999

Grouped Tutoring Sessions

An individual-based approach to teaching by an
expert educator while promoting peer-to-peer interactions.
₹ 8999


Is it Tough to learn this GoXpertInventor course for my Child?

No, we’ve curated this online android app development course for kids so that they can learn while having fun. Our world-class curriculum and interactive classes make it easy for kids to understand the concepts and use MIT app inventor to create real-world projects.

What skills will my child get after the Course?

Your child will learn coding along with the STEAM concepts and 21-st century skills that he/she needs to excel in their career. GoGlobalWays was set up with a vision to make STEAM education reliable, accessible and affordable for kids so that their pursuit of marks finally gets over. We educate kids to create projects and crack the formula for being a problem-solver. MIT App Inventor is designed to democratize this technology and is used as a tool for learning computational thinking in various educational contexts, teaching people to build apps to solve problems in their communities. From the basics of coding an app to doing fun-filled experiments, we’ll be making sure your kid has the power to employ technology to his/her benefit in the future.

Why learn Mobile App Design?

The Smartphone is an information nexus in today’s digital age, with access to a nearly infinite supply of content on the web, coupled with rich sensors and personal data. However, people have difficulty harnessing the full power of these ubiquitous devices for themselves and their communities. This android app development course will help your kid to understand the complexities of mobile app design so they can create projects that can solve real-world problems. Learn mobile app design to ensure that when you’ve got a message for the world, you can have the world at your fingertips, owing to knowledge of coding.

Why MIT App Inventor?

MIT app inventor is a web application integrated development environment that anyone can leverage to create mobile apps. It provides a web-based “What you see is what you get” editor for building android mobile phone applications targeting the Android operating systems. It uses a GUI block-based programming language. Enroll in our app development classes for kids to use this technology to kickstart your kid’s journey in the mobile development world.

Why use block-based coding for a Mobile App designing course?

Block coding is visually appealing to kids. The ability to tinker with the software and convert your ideas into reality keeps them hooked to the learning process. It provides a great kickstart for kids to dive into the world of android app development while using MIT app inventor.

Can I use an App Inventor without an android phone?

Yes. App Inventor includes an emulator (virtual phone on the computer screen) for the phone. The emulator can't do everything the phone can. For example, you can't shake it, but you can create apps and try them out. We’ll be covering all the essential concepts for android app development in this online course, and to know more, book a free demo class by clicking here.    (Link to book a free class page)

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