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Live Sessions

Course Description

The future that we talked about in sci-fi fiction is right around the corner, and there are technologies like IoT (Internet of Things) that will play a huge role in making this happen. It’s a new-age technology, and learning about it in a hands-on manner can be transformational for young ones. It will not only empower them to create projects that aid their purpose in life but also help build things that will make the world a better place. All of this in a very affordable, reliable, and easily accessible manner. With our interactive science-backed curriculum, we enable your kids to explore the fun elements of IoT in a safe learning environment.

  • Fun & Interactive sessions taught by expert educators 

  • A world-class curriculum designed to develop necessary 21-st century skills

  • An online IoT, Arduino, and coding course for kids helps them build interesting projects like Google assistant, home automation system, Bluetooth-controlled robot, and much more. 

  • 7+ applicaton-based project including live 1:1 tutor sessions

  • Promote kids to build projects and engage in hands-on learning

Learning Goal

  • Online IoT, Arduino, and coding course for kids that helps them evolve into future innovators by exploring further than just reading or learning about topics.   
  • Application of IoT concepts while tinkering and enhancing the kid’s focus, reasoning skills, and creativity.
  • Learn about IoT concepts, Arduino, stimulating coding concepts, circuits, sensors, and much more. 
  • Improve critical thinking, computational & problem-solving skills by experiential learning through thrilling projects that can solve real-world problems

Sound Detection

Smoke Detection

Home Automation

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Personal Tutoring Sessions

An expert educator dedicated to ensure that the kid learns on a 1:1 basis with a highly personalized approach.
₹ 13999

Grouped Tutoring Sessions

An individual-based approach to teaching by an
expert educator while promoting peer-to-peer interactions.
₹ 8999


What is JavaScript, and what does it do?

JavaScript is the secret sauce behind the complexities involved in making a website interactive. In simple terms, it's the language of web development, and it is one of the most popular programming languages around us. This JavaScript course for kids helps them to explore the fun side of CSS and JavaScript with fun activities. 

Is it still worth learning JavaScript in 2022?

As the online world evolves, so does the world of web development. If you’re concerned about the relevancy of this programming language, then you’ll have to understand that since its creation in 1995, it has been a popular language amongst coders. And we’re very sure this won’t be changing anytime soon, so enroll your kids in our web design, web development, CSS, and JavaScript classes for kids to prepare them for the future.

Why learn JavaScript?

If interacting, tinkering, building, and hosting a website sounds fun to your kid, then we believe learning JavaScript will benefit him. Our online HTML, CSS, and JavaScript course for kids help them build an exceptional understanding of the basic as well as advanced concepts of coding so they can utilize it to their advantage in their careers.

What is the best way to start learning JavaScript?

The best way to start learning any language is to understand the basics and then implement them by creating real-world application-based projects. Our online JavaScript classes for kids take the pain of figuring out the educational roadmap to teach them a programming language.

What age should you start learning JavaScript?

Coding is irrelevant– said no one ever! Technically our online web design and web development course for kids is meant for anyone who wishes to learn about CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, but we recommend it for ages over ten years old.

Is JavaScript good for kids to learn?

Learning any programming language can be highly beneficial for kids. From improving their logical thinking skills to enhancing problem-solving abilities, learning JavaScript can be great for your young one. Our online HTML, CSS, and JavaScript classes for kids place the curriculum’s focus on ensuring that kids have a strong foundational understanding of concepts.

Is JavaScript or HTML easier?

HTML is a fairly straightforward language to learn. JavaScript, however, is not a markup language; instead, it is a programming language. That by itself is enough to make learning JavaScript a lot more complicated than HTML. But worry not; our JavaScript, HTML, and CSS classes for kids teach them all the concepts through hands-on activities.

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