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 Advance Python coding for kids: Get Expert in AI with python

Learn Advance Python for kids with a AI Machine Learning and ChatGPT.

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Course Description

In this module of our Python coding course, we start learning the fundamental ideas of artificial intelligence. AI makes it much simpler for students to create applications that can be used in real life. Face recognition, fast machine translation, adaptive technology, as well as other “just around the corner” AI innovations are all the rage right now. At GoGlobalWays Learning, we believe that coding is one of the most valuable skills a kid can acquire . We work to inspire kids all across the world to learn with passion, creativity, and enthusiasm.

  • They will learn basic AI Python skills as they work on projects such as AI Face Detection, Text Recognition, Pose Identifier, and others.
  • The best part of all of this course is that these projects can be created as many times as students’ learnings need.

  • Python can help kids develop an understanding of the real world, by introducing them to concepts like chatGPT,Brad, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

  • Promote kids’ ability to build projects and engage in hands-on learning like Virtual Doctor. 

Learning Goal

  1. Our curriculum, enriching 7+ application-based projects, includes an online tutor who will focus on creating a personalized mentoring plan that meets your individual needs.
  2. Python programming can be used to create games, websites, and software applications, helping kids build a portfolio of projects and a strong foundation for their future careers.
  3. Kids can develop into future innovators by learning Python online as part of an online course that goes beyond reading about issues.
  4. Learn things about AI principles related to self-driving cars, such as object identification, object tracking, free space detection, and others.
  5. Improve critical thinking, and gain knowledge of data collection, processing, and building an appropriate AI model.
computer vision

Computer Vision

Virtual Doctor

Face Detection

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An expert educator dedicated to ensure that the kid learns on a 1:1 basis with a highly personalized approach.
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An individual-based approach to teaching by an
expert educator while promoting peer-to-peer interactions.
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What exactly is Python Programming?

Python programming is a general-purpose, high-level, interpreted programming language. It is a goal-oriented language that is very in demand. It is commonly used for the development of websites and software, the automation of tasks, and the analysis and display of data.

Is Python good for kids?

Yes, Python programming for kids is a great way to begin learning how to code. It is a relatively easy language to learn and has lots of online resources available to help.

What is the duration of the Python coding for kids course?

The duration of the Python coding for kids course typically ranges from 8 weeks.

What can kids learn in the Advance Python Programming Course?

ids can learn a variety of topics in the advanced python programming course, including they learn to know about deep machine-learning concepts and intelligence displayed by humans. It includes artificial intelligence concepts, which involve the analysis of data in natural language and its translation to machine-readable format.

What’s the Best Way for Kids to Learn Python?

The best way for kids to learn Python will depend largely on the age and skill level of the child. Generally speaking, the best way for younger kids to learn Python is to start by taking a course from a reputable online learning platform. These courses typically provide a comprehensive overview of the basics of Python programming and are often supplemented with interactive activities and projects.

Do we receive a Certificate of Completion?

Yes. The kid will receive a certificate of completion upon satisfactory completion of the course which is stem accredited. The certificate can be shared.

What are the schedules? Are these sessions bookable?

2 sessions a week are recommended and they can be scheduled according to the convenience of the students.


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