How to Get Your Kids Excited About Coding

Kids Excited About Coding
Kids Excited About Coding

Nowadays, most children like computers and technological devices. It would not be surprising if coding (or computer programming) for kids came effortlessly to them as a hobby or a passion.

Most parents (who are computer proficient themselves) have a hidden wish for their kids to be excited about coding. According to recent polls, 74% of parents in India want coding to be included in the standard school curriculum. 

This is the reason why coding programs for kids are becoming increasingly popular in today’s environment. The majority of parents who are aware of the benefits of coding are aware of the potential demand for the growth of experienced programmers. Even still, it might be difficult for parents to introduce their children to coding because it is less enjoyable than playing soccer or video games. When kids are excited about coding, it becomes an involved and enjoyable experience.


Many people believe that to introduce their children to code, parents must have some particular coding knowledge. This is not true. Coding is also known as programming. It is a complex process in which both potential for innovation and routine exists. The computer programmer, in this case, your child, instructs the computer to perform a certain task by developing executable scripts in programming languages such as Python or Java. Expect new programming languages to be developed in the future, which will pique your child’s interest in learning.

Your kid will communicate with the computer using a language that the computer understands. The computer then begins executing the command. Numerous resources on the internet can help you acquire some basic coding skills that you can share with the children.

Even, teachers and parents agreed in the same study that coding increases critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity skills, as well as executive functioning skills such as focus and organization.

Coding improves children’s capacity to concentrate on work for extended periods of time and see projects through to completion.

Coding is the blueprint for the twenty-first century. Coding is a catalyst for having a positive impact on the world through technology, whether it is creating the next great video game, building a life-saving program, or developing a formula to recycle plastic.

And, as the importance of learning to code becomes more widely recognized, kids have a variety of choices to select from. Let’s give some helpful hints for getting your child started with coding.

  1. Explain Coding To Kids

If children are not aware of the core definition of coding, they will never be interested in it. To proceed, give kids a brief introduction to coding that includes a description of what can be built with code and how it will help them achieve their goals.

It would be much better and more helpful if you could show them some actual examples, such as opening some apps or games in the play store or app store and informing them that all of the apps and games they use are produced with the help of coding. The goal of describing coding is to pique the child’s curiosity in learning more about code, and they should feel comfortable doing so.

  1. Introduce Kids To Other Coding Languages

After teaching children the fundamentals of coding, the next step is to teach them about the many programming languages used to create apps and games. You can explain to them that, much as we interact with one another in our native language, coding is the language we use to communicate with computers.

There are other coding languages, such as Scratch and Blockly, that are easy to use, enjoyable, and interactive. Aside from this, there are other additional languages such as Java, C++, Lua, and so on.

  1. Make Coding Sound Interesting And Enjoyable To Kids

They will never learn to code by heart until you make them interested in doing so. To attract your kid’s interest in coding, connect it to things they currently love, such as playing games on smartphones. Tell them that the games are created using coding.

For example, if your kids are interested in animations, you can simply inform them that these are generated using coding. This will spark the child’s interest in learning more about coding.

  1. Begin With The Basics

Many parents enroll their children in advanced coding courses, which should be avoided because it is critical to first master the fundamentals. Children cannot reach the advanced level if the principles of coding are not understood.

To get started with coding basics, you can use books, short videos, or even free DIY worksheets. The goal here is to teach students the fundamentals of coding so that if someone questions them, they can respond with the fundamentals.

  1. Familiarize Kids With Coding Terminology

After informing kids on the fundamentals of coding, you can gradually progress to explaining coding words such as loops, variables, functions, and so on, so that they do not become confused while learning to code.

Don’t misuse technical language because it will simply fly over their heads. Because they will not understand a single word, it is best to limit your vocabulary. When they begin to understand the concepts, you can promote them to a higher level.

  1. Adjust Your Teaching To The Age Of The Children

You’re probably thinking about what age is appropriate to introduce children to coding at this time. When it comes to learning to code, there is no right or wrong age. Children can start learning to code as soon as they are ready. However, because of the increased use of smartphones, laptops, and tablets among children nowadays, learning to code is not difficult for them.

Final Thoughts!!!

Even if your children do not become professional computer programmers, coding is a talent that is highly valued in a variety of businesses. This is because each sector will continue to rely significantly on the internet and technology for continued growth, and your children’s coding experience will come in useful.

And after considering the above factors, you cannot teach coding to your kids; however, you may always seek professional assistance. GoGlobalWays provides the best online coding classes for kids. Kids learn coding from skilled teachers at GoGlobalWays. The best aspect is that you may schedule a free session before committing to a paid course.