Top Free Coding For Kids Websites Online

Free Kids Coding Classes
Free Kids Coding Classes

Coding for kids is no longer a fun extra-curricular activity, but a necessity to understand their curriculum. With each passing day, our engagement with technology grows deeper, and we get closer to a digital future. Supporting and encouraging kids to learn to code early on can help them develop their talent over time and pursue it as a career. We have become so dependent on technology that it is almost difficult to live without it now. There are many options to choose from for free coding for kids online. But what is the best option and who is the best, this decision has become a bit difficult.

All of this explains why learning to code is now considered a life skill. As a result, learning to code at an early age is never a bad idea. There are numerous free coding websites for kids, and we have compiled a list of the best free coding websites for kids to learn to program.

These Are Some Of The Best Website For Free Coding For Kids


Hour of Code’s home page,, contains interactive tutorials and projects for grades K-5 and 6-12, beginning with block coding and progressing to Javascript, HTML, and CSS. It’s a complete resource that may be used in the classroom or at home. Students can study the fundamentals of computer science by taking four courses. Puzzles, films, and activities culminate in pupils being able to construct games or stories for internet sharing. It is one of the best free coding websites for children to learn how to code.


CodaKid is an online application that teaches coding to children through game development and modding (making game modifications) in Minecraft. They hope to make coding training more entertaining and memorable by including direct contact and hands-on application. CodaKid pupils are given novel and exciting projects to work on rather than the conventional, generalized programming courses (such as writing “Hello World!” on a colored background).

CodeSpark Academy

The award-winning software codeSpark Academy teaches youngsters how to code. The game-like interface makes coding enjoyable for children, and they are unaware that they are learning. The Foos, adorable creatures, teach kids how to code. Each world delves into a fundamental coding principle, and children employ logical thinking and problem-solving abilities to assist The Foos in completing tasks. As children learn to build their tales and activities, the app enables them to become creators. According to this, it is one of the best free coding websites for kids.


Scratch is the world’s largest coding community for children, as well as a coding language with an easy-to-use visual interface that allows children to create digital stories, games, and animations. It was established, developed, and moderated by the Scratch Foundation, a non-profit organization. It encourages computational thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as creative teaching and learning, self-expression and collaboration, and computer equity.


The new Bee-Bot app, based on the highly popular Bee-Bot floor robot, allows students to simply utilize an app version of the robot to easily learn the foundations of programming at several levels and puzzles using the cartoon bee, which is suited for very young kids. Through the many sequences of forward, backward, left, and right 90-degree rotations at each level, students can strengthen their skills in directional languages and programming.


Stencyl is an excellent place to start for beginners who wish to learn how to code for free. It, too, is block-based, similar to Scratch. It does, however, provide your children with the opportunity to practice their coding skills by allowing them to type code.

Stencyl allows kids to develop a variety of games that can be readily distributed on platforms like the iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, HTML5, Linux, and Flash.


LightBot is one of the greatest beginning tools for coding for kids because it has a very engaging and fun premise as well as a reasonably easy method. It’s an app-based experience, a puzzle game in which you can only advance if you know how to code.

This not only entertains children but also assists them in developing problem-solving skills. LightBot teaches concepts like sequencing, procedures, overloading, conditionals, and recursive loops. It is available for download via Google Play, the App Store, and Amazon Apps.


Crunchzilla is another excellent platform for teaching coding to youngsters as early as pre-teens and as old as 16-year-old teenagers.

The software categorizes lesson levels based on age groups, allowing for a greater emphasis on basics when appropriate. It teaches text-based programming languages, such as Javascript.

Crunchzilla is a simple teaching platform for improving your children’s coding abilities. It is good for children because it provides information in a fun way.

Blockly Games

Blockly Games is a creative and exciting platform that blends coding and gaming to offer a pleasant and useful programming experience. The platform contains a wealth of games that educate youngsters about coding through interactive games and challenges including puzzles, mazes, birds, music, movies, and more.

GoGlobalWays, Your Coding for Kids Partner

If you want extra help and a structured curriculum while learning to code, check out our online free coding classes for kids here at GoGlobalWays. We’ve used a hybrid approach to educate kids and teens on programming principles and practices, combining small, online teacher-led workshops with build-as-you-learn projects. We have pioneered a novel way to educate by delivering our online programs LIVE and in small, interactive groups of students.


While all of the above solutions are wonderful ways to get started in the world of coding on their own, it is a good idea to utilize more than one software at the same time to avoid developing a habit. It is more essential than ever to introduce kids to new talents, especially those with a greater impact. Free coding classes for kids are an excellent approach to introducing kids to computer programming without paying any costs. We provide a great free introduction demo coding class for your kid to enjoy, ranging from fun starting languages to awesome Roblox game production to more sophisticated programming that drives real-world innovation.