Inculcating Character – Moving 4Cs to 5Cs

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– Dr. Nidhi Khurana

It’s important to shape the wet clay of young minds with skills of Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Collaboration. However, the four skills would end up being wasted if it lacked the smooth tempering of Character.

In countries like Japan, Finland, character building is the only focus in formative years. Friendship, Teamwork, Politeness, Humility, and many such characters can make an average mind or break a brilliant one!


STEAM focuses on the blend of

  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Character

CHARACTERWe believe that every process can be improved and worked on. For example, the first automobile was a revolution because of the use of engines, however, it still created smoke like a factory. The model was worked on and that is what we are trying to provide our students. A new and improved structured plan to not only better themselves but to also take advantage of available opportunities with the best available resources.

A few months ago a video of a kid turned viral. The video was a karate class. Children among us have only experienced two things-

  1. Praise on Success Or
  2. Criticism on Failure.

The video focused on none of the two. It showed a small crying child trying his best to break the board but being unable to at every attempt. All of us have experienced this at some point in our lives. Either our colleagues or friends turn indifferent and silent while making the atmosphere awkward and thick with pressure or they would laugh at you. Nothing like this also happened. The class of little karate learners cheered, clapped, and encouraged the little crying boy. This helped him to not give up at all.

We want to inculcate such characters in our children. They should be able to support not only themselves but their friends also while facing failure. We firmly believe in this teaching because just like success, failure is the most crucial part of our lives.

Through STEAM Education, it will be our endeavor to provide all resources, teaching, and the right atmosphere for children to build up their 5C’s.