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Artificial Intelligence will Transform The World By 2030

Take the control of machines before they take the control of us.AI is already powering search engines, making online shopping recommendations, and providing digital assistance. We have been using this technology without even realizing it. Like most of the social media platform like Facebook or Snapchat, use face recognition in their applications which is similar to human vision or how human recognize face. Similarly we have been using Alexa to simplify our lives.

GoIngenious - Learn AI with Quarky Robot

We do not want our Kids to become a passive consumer of this technology, instead we want them to become active contributors, where they can develop their own innovative solutions using Artificial Intelligence. Industry standard AI concepts, Program Robots and control games. Here the child will be building countless, engaging real-world, application-based AI and Robotics projects. The best AI learning companion for kids to explore the world of AI and Robotics in an interactive and playful manner.

No Prior Coding Experience

No prior coding experience - block based coding, concepts starting from Scratch
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Lifetime Access of the course

Revise your course concepts anytime by revisiting it
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Doubts and Backup sessions

Make all your concepts clear in the doubts sessions and cover your missed sessions.
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Live Tutoring Sessions

16 live, fun and interactive sessions conducted by experts for clearing the concepts
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Quizzes and Assignments

Chapter wise quizzes and assignments to ensure thorough understanding and retention of concepts

Course Completion Certificate

Proof of successfully completing the course for showcasing newly-gained skills

What Kids Will Learn

Artificial Intelligence is a key area of focus for young innovators. Learn AI. Make bots. Have fun! 

IR Sensor Simulation

Explore IR Sensors and its real time applications. Learn Sensors’ Simulation and make interesting real-time projects

Waste Management

Make your Robot differentiate between Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable waste. Understand the usage to keep them separate.

Touch Sensors Working

Learn about conductors and Insulators and make fun projects like Piano, Guitar etc. Start your projects with just a touch.

Play Time

Recreate the famous and fun games using your Quarky Microcontroller. Design, code and play games against computer. Check your chance of winning

AI and ML made fun

Explore concepts like object detection, speech recognition etc. Make real-world projects like an AI chatbot, self-driving car, etc.

Weather Monitoring

Make your Robot detect your Latitude and Longitude and let you know the Temperature and Humidity around. Extend it to Home Automation.


What are the benefits in learning AI with a Robot?
  1. Learning AI will help you to develop an interest in STEAM
    (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics)
    because AI is more about doing, rather than just learning the theory.
    This makes AI an easier way to engage in STEAM.
  2. AI also helps to develop necessary programming skills, problem solving skills and teamwork.
  3. AI also ignites the curiosity to learn  technology. 
  4. Coding is made fun with the Robot kit which will help your child visualize the code’s output and understand the concepts better.
  5.  Every chapter is a problem solving challenge that improves your child’s coding knowledge along with logical thinking and reasoning skills.
  6. Child will Learn simplified Robotics concepts and Code their own robots

Enroll in the Course!

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Individualized learning
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Small Group Learning

Focus on each Individually
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How To Start Journey to Experiential learning

Experiential learning is an opportunity for learners to apply what they've been taught to solve real-world challenges. ie "learning through reflection on doing"
Step 1 : Order KIT

Order the Kit Online with your home address for delivery. The Payment can be made via our safe and secure Netbanking or Card or Wallet Options

Step 1 : Order KIT
Step 2 : Get KIT @ Home

The Kit will be shipped to your house directly with all the parts inside the dream box. Your child will need a laptop to start learning and coding the Robot

Step 2 : Get KIT @ Home
Step 3 : Start Learning Online

Instructions inside the kit will help you login and access the online course for Free & for Live  guidance by an STEAM Instructor buy the Course. Code and See your Robot in Action

Step 3 : Start Learning Online


Who can opt for this course?

Anyone interested in engaging with Robotics through a process that involves study, practice and project building. Obtain a certification that validates your understanding of the Robotics building blocks, such as the basics of physical computing, programming, prototyping

What topics are covered in the course?

Electronic components such as LEDs, sensors, buttons and motors work, and how to use them, Understanding the building blocks of programming languages such as functions, arguments, variables and loops, Programming logic and ability to program various electronic components, read, analyze and troubleshoot the code.

What are the course’s prerequisites?

There are no specific prerequisites. The course is for absolute beginners.

What are the items required for the course?

All you need for the course are:

  • A desktop/laptop with a stable internet connection
  • Quarky Hardware kit which will be shipped  with in a week after purchase

Is there an age limit to take this course?

Students must be at least 7 years old to take this course.

How do I purchase this course?

1.You can buy course by adding it to cart.

2. Fill the following form and book your kit. It will be delivered at your doorstep.

3. You can connect to +91 8882330300, for paytm, google pay or bank transfer.

How will I get my certificate?

Your certificate will be updated on your Dashboard once your course is complete.

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